You know the “cheap” earbuds that come with MP3 players?  The ones that fit your outer ear and do not fit IN your ear?  Sound’s not so good, right?  And they’re not particularly comfortable for many users, either.  Yurbuds enhancers, $20 online only, fit over the cheapies and deliver sound into the ear canal.

Concentrating the sound, partially sealing the outside out and delivering sound deeper into the ear canal makes a huge difference.  Any singer you see onstage with flat-looking things sticking in their ears and with wires trailing off behind to their lower neck and then disappearing wear custom-fit earphones that fit in the ear in this way. Outside noise is significantly reduced and presenting their own sound from their own microphone and from the rest of the band into the ear canal makes it possible to hear themselves and to stay on key as well as in time to the music.  These are ear monitors.

Yurbuds are the poor man’s way to concentrate and send sound into your ears.  Get it?  Good.

Another advantage to yurbuds is that the soft silicone material from which they are made has a tacky, not sticky property that helps the user’s earbuds to stay put, stay in place, even when exercising and sweating.  Conventional outer ear earbuds are easily dislodged.

This simple concept may allow users to appreciate their standard earbuds and not feel as compelled to get something better, costing more. Yurbuds are also ideal for covering the otherwise uncomfortable earbud-like earpiece on many Bluetooth headsets!

On their Website are instructions to assure the correct fit. During the order process they ask that a simple digital photo be taken in a certain way and submitted so they can assess the user’s outer ear configuration allowing them to send the correct size yurbuds set.  It’s very clever!

I was sent a set to try and they do exactly as advertised.  Orders include one pair of same-size yurbuds.  I followed the instructions to fit the yurbuds over my lousy earbuds. Go ahead and hit that last link. Isn’t that fun?  And it’s also simple!

Also available is a set of earbuds called yurphones, looking suspiciously like Apple’s standard iPod earbuds, plus a pair of yurbuds, for $30.

If you are not interested in better sound by virtue of paying more for in-ear earphones, then yurbuds OR yurphones + yurbuds are worth the money.

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