AHA!  Newer Technologies’ USB 3.0 Universal Drive Adapter, about $30 allows formerly internal laptop and desktop hard drives and any other bare drive to be connected via USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 to any Mac or Windows computer.  So what?

 Let’s say you want to transfer data from a smaller capacity internal drive to a new, larger one. How? In some computers, there is room for more than one drive. Not so in laptops.  Regardless of the case, you know it is usually easy to remove and replace a hard drive.  Once you get to the part of the project during which data from old needs to get to new, this handy tool is the multi-connector savior that provides the link. Its universality is key.

No matter if the hard drive in question is a big 5.25”, a 3.5” or a laptop 2.5”, or if it is a standard IDEA/STS/APAPI with 40 pins or a newer SATA interface, this little wonder does it ALL!  I know of no other tool so essential, so reasonably priced and as easy to use for its tasks.

I’ve used and liked the previous incarnation of this NewerTech product with USB 2.0 connectivity.  Amazing myself and stupefying others watching or needing my help, the WOW! started when I broke out this handy tool.  The old one features USB 2.0 connectivity, while this one, at about the same price, is set for the new USB 3.0 and, of course, is backward compatible.

In the kit are the main block, switchable On/Off power supply, USB cable and a pair of connectors. These connectors in proper combo and the connector on the power supply provide the universality needed making this “The Swiss Army Knife of Disk Connectivity” the maker is so pleased to claim.  Properly connecting the pieces to the subject drive powers it up and connects it to the host computer, Windows or Mac, of course.

It’s there and ready for use as would be any externally connected hard drive.

It IS that simple to use.

In addition to file transfers, this contraption also allows a so-called second life to drives switched out for bigger ones.

Simple, effective, easy to use, and inexpensive – among my favorite characteristics in gadgets!

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