It’s about time and I knew it was only a matter of time.  It has been years since I gave up, in disgust, using Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) rechargeables.  Now, finally, there is a complete new line of high tech Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries I can highly recommend and they’re from Energizer.  Another great Father’s day gift idea!

If you have a portable cell phone, it’s likely that power comes from rechargeable NiMH cells (unless your phone uses the more expensive Lithium Ion cells).  NiMH cells have also become popular for use in digital still cameras, and you may also have used them with a camcorder and not even been aware of this fact.

Unlike NiCd batteries, NiMH cells pack more power per volume and do not suffer from what is termed the “memory effect.”  In other words, NiMH cells can be used a little or a lot per charge and still recharged to their full capacity.  By contrast, NiCd batteries operate best when completely discharged before recharging, which is quite inconvenient.

NiMH (referred to as, simply Nickel Metal) batteries can be charged even if partially discharged.  I keep an extra set, for example, ready to use in my digital camera when the ones in use on a busy shooting day need replacement.

I haven’t even mentioned reusable (rechargeable) alkaline batteries!  Let’s just put it this way – Energizer ACCU Rechargeable batteries can be charged up to 1,000 times compared to only 25 charges for reusable alkaline.  (I know about these, too.  I’ve tried them and have been dissatisfied over time!) The Energizer ACCU Rechargeables I have been testing in various devices have performed flawlessly charge after charge.

Putting a pencil to it, these Energizers, $25.00 worth, can replace a $2,500 investment in reusable alkaline batteries.  With this investment, you can take almost 300,000 pictures with a digital camera on one set of four ACCU Rechargeables.

Looking at it another way, just one Energizer ACCU Rechargeable AA battery replaces 35 reusable alkaline batteries, so, not only do they save money, but there’s less hassle and less to throw away.

These same AA Energizers also pack about 70% more power than standard AA NiCd batteries.  Translated, this means longer run-time per charge in high-tech devices, and that’s great news for digital camera owners!

Whether they are for dad’s digital still camera, personal portable audio device, constantly-used flashlight, or in any other device that seems to eat batteries, Energizer ACCU Rechargeable batteries are the ones to get.

Energizer is the first and, at this time, the only battery company to offer a full line of Nickel Metal Hydride batteries. They are available in AA, AAA, C, D and 9-volt sizes at these suggested retail prices:


AA 4 pack       $ 12.99

AA 2 pack       $  7.99

AAA 2 pack     $  7.99

C 2 pack          $  9.99

D 2 pack          $  9.99

9-volt single battery      $  9.99

Universal Charger  (for all rechargeable cell sizes)  $20.99

Compact Speed Charger (for AA, AAA, 9 Volt cell sizes) $18.99

Energizer ACCU Rechargeable batteries can be found at electronics and mass merchandise outlets such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Home Depot.

For more information, visit their Website or call 1-800-383-7323.

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