May 25, 2020 – Whether for students who are home-working or adults working from home or back in an outside office, Kensington has some cool tools to make work-at-home easier, more ergonomic (the buzz term for comfort and efficiency).

Oh, my aching feet!

Not-so-smart box footrest

I know it is a good idea to elevate one’s feet while sitting at the computer. My not-so-smart solution has been to put my feet on a box under my work table. What is wrong with this plan? For one thing, a flat-topped box forces the feet into an unnatural flat-footed position. A better plan is to place the feet on an elevated, height and angle-adjustable ramp. Duh.

Kensington SmartFit SoleMate Plus

Kensington® SoleMate™ Plus Foot Rest (K56146USF) is so very comfy for my tootsies. Yes, I know it is important to provide under-foot support while sitting hour after hour staring at a computer monitor. SoleMate is a smarter support than my cardboard box.

SmartFit is Kensington’s system for finding the best starting, if not final settings of height and tilt on this product. The footrest comes with a pictorial adjustment guide.

Adjustment guide

I had no idea my feet and my posture while sitting could be so improved, and by such a simple product that will last well into the foreseeable future.

No batteries. No software.

Not likely to wear out for a very long time. Just a comfy foot rest that will help keep you comfortable for a long, long time. Spending more time sitting at a computer just became more tolerable.

Get yours from Amazon here for a current price of about $44.

Stay tuned. More Kensington product reviews for at-home workers and students are coming up.

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