October 26, 2020 – Add a finger slide control to this model of the Wi-Fi Wemo by Belkin lineup, currently $40 at Amazon.

What is it?

Wemo Smart Dimmer light switch is a replacement for existing wall switches that are not on three-way circuits. The switch can control all incandescent bulbs, dimmable CFLs and dimmable LEDs. This is a good time to update bulbs that are not dimmable LEDs.

Once in place, instructions call for using your phone to scan a code on the back of the switch. The code sends users to either the Home app on iOS or Alexa on Android phones. Alexa voice control can be added to iOS phones and iPads.

Touch control at the switch provides ON/OFF and dimming with finger slide up and down on the switch. Very cool!

Through the apps, users can set ON and OFF times, with dim levels as well as daily programming.

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The switch is installed in place of any existing, standard wall switch. A supplied and installed wall plate is easily removed for access to the mounting screws attaching the switch to the wall box. This plate is not used when the switch shares a box with other switches. In single switch installations the wall plate provides a stylish finishing look.

There are four wires – Line, Load, Neutral and Ground, typical for house wiring in most installations. If your wiring is different or if you are not comfortable with such installations and the cautions involved, such as turning off power to that switch, seek professional advice. On the other hand, this is a good opportunity to learn how easy it is to replace a switch.

Set up

Easy-to-follow instructions guide users to a successful outcome, including the most important step – linking to Wi-Fi for the control of lights turned on and off with this switch.

The switch uses the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band, so be sure your phone used for setup is connected to the 2.4 GHz side of your Wi-Fi and not the 5.0 GHz band. This requires users to know the difference and to connect accordingly. It cannot be overstated that this is EASY. If it appears difficult at the outset, this is a good opportunity to learn about your Wi-Fi. Your router, assuming it is newer than about five years, has both bands. Check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if needed, or ask a friend to show you how to access the 2.4 GHz band needed for this setup.

Fun, convenience and function with Wemo Smart Dimmer Wall Switch

Once setup is completed and the standard ON and OFF commands are accessible from the mobile device, all the other capabilities are available.

Use the app for convenience and security settings and programming depending upon which lights are to be controlled with your Wemo. Set ON, OFF, Dim levels for the front door. For example, ON at 100% at dusk, Dim to 50% from midnight to dawn, then OFF.

For a switch that controls several lights in the dining area, use the app to manually turn ON, Dim to 20% to set the mood at dinner.

For a wall switch in a bedroom, use the app to control lighting from bed. NEVER have to get out of bed to turn out the lights.

Because this smart wall switch is Wi-Fi controlled, it can be accessed from anywhere, whether at home or on the other side of the globe.

The greatest convenience is that lighting control is as close as the phone within constant reach.

What can’t it do?

Wemo Smart Wall Switch cannot control smart bulbs. Many smart bulbs allow color change as well as dimming. Choose your objective before purchase. For color-directed mood lighting, get smart LEDs to do that job.

ONE Wemo Smart Wall Switch can control as many lights as are on the circuit to be controlled, within the limits of its capacity of 400 ACTUAL watts or 250 watts for a multi-switch box. With modern and efficient LEDs, there is a lot of headroom here.


Simple, convenient programmable control is what this switch is all about. The Wemo brand is solid. Backed by Belkin’s THREE YEAR warranty, I am confident in recommending this and all the Wemo smart switches from Belkin.

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