I am a staunch supporter of Sonicare toothbrushes. I think my Sonicare Elite is the key to my good oral health, and my dentist agrees.  If you don’t have and use Sonicare, well, your teeth and gums are not in the best shape they can be.  Ask your dentist!  Sonicare really is the best.  So is Crest, I believe.  I’ve used if for many, many years, and Crest is consistently held as the best in the business.

But, now there is a NEW model, one that uses the patented and excellent Philips Sonicare technology with high-speed bristle motion coupled with specially formulated Crest liquid toothpaste.  What a team!  This IntelliClean “system” creates a dynamic cleaning action that drives the cleaning ingredients deep between teeth and along the gum line.  It’s a deep cleaning system that’s one step closer to daily flossing.

 At the push of a button, the IntelliClean system pumps the special (and good tasting) Crest IntelliClean liquid toothpaste into the brush head and right onto the bristles before and during brushing.  The interaction between the brush and the paste creates micro cleaning bubbles that reach deep into hard-to-reach places.  An extra dose of toothpaste towards the end of the two-minute brushing cycle cleans away even more plaque bacteria at the gum line than a manual toothbrush using standard toothpaste.

The result is cleaner teeth, clinically proven, by the way.

The new device has a performance regulator that helps to maintain consistent brushing power during use.  There is a two-minute Smartimer that helps to ensure dental professional recommended two minute brushing time.

As with the Elite model, there is a Quadpacer that signals every 30 seconds to move to another quadrant of the mouth.  On this new model 8500, there is an optional additional 30-second cycle available for concentrating on problem areas.  The recharge level indicator shows the battery charge status.

Packed in the box with both the $140 model 8300 and $150 model 8500 is a special IntelliClean system brush, three Crest liquid toothpaste cartridges of which there are two of the standard Crest IntelliClean packs and one that adds Whitening for a total of about 84 uses.  Replacement brushes are priced at about $18 each or $30 for a two-pack, with replacement called for each six months.  Toothpaste packs are priced at about $9 for a six-pack of either formula or $27 for an 18-pack.  The only difference between the models is that the model 8500 features the programmable Quadpacer and Dual Speed Control, but I think it’s worth the extra ten bucks.

The product is covered by a two-year warranty and comes with a travel cap for the brush head and a contoured soft travel case, as well as, of course, a charger base with an easy-wrap cord.  Expect to get about a week’s use at two brushings per day while off the charger.

Remember, you can get just one handle and use it with several brushes within your family, or just get a pair of them – one for mom and dad and one for the kids.

What else can I say?  Just get it for YOUR High Tech Home!

More information is at www.intellicleansystem.com or call 1-800-682-7664.

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