Marry a fine, full-featured and high-tech cordless phone with instant messaging capability and what is the result?  VTech’s $100 IS6110, that’s what.The VTech IS6110 is the only cordless phone featuring a QWERTY keyboard and support for free instant messaging using MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and, of course, AOL Instant Messenger.  And it’s a fine cordless phone, to boot!  Using the latest DECT 6.0 standard, the sound quality is excellent, security and range are as good as it gets and it provides no interference with other phones, Internet access or any other devices.

It is oddly shaped for a traditional cordless phone, but look closer and you’ll see that its full keyboard justifies the “bulge” for the instant messenger in your family.

Just think, you can still use the computer while your teen or grad uses the VTech and does not tie up the computer for Instant Messaging.  It ships with Windows software to access the Internet to log on to the appropriate messaging service.  From then on, let the messaging person in your home go to town and NOT tie up your computer.

With Windows-only compatibility, the IS6110 comes with an installation disk.  In order to access instant messaging, the software must be installed and the user must have an account (free) with MSN Messenger/Windows Live Messenger or AOL Instant Messenger.  The software must be installed first.

Connections from the base unit are made to the electrical power outlet in your wall, to the phone wall jack and (using your own or the supplied USB cable) to the computer’s USB connection.

Once installed, the user can log onto the selected instant messenger service of choice through the phone itself once the software has been launched on the computer.

From then on, use the cordless phone as one would normally use a device such as this.  There is a speakerphone, an earpiece port for those who want to use a headset, and all the expected cordless phone keys and capabilities.  There’s nothing so different about this phone, really, except that it combines these two capabilities in one, which is so smart!

There is even the capability to do voice chat with IM buddies!

This is a simple to use cordless phone with an unusual extra, and I like it.

More information is at or call 1-800-595-9511.  Buy it at Best Buy or through

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