Ever the skeptic, I could not imagine such a gadget could actually do as claimed, but, happily, I was wrong.  Vinturi Wine Aerator is the real deal.  Wines my guests and I sampled really were enhanced, changed for the better by this simple gadget.  Wine enthusiasts as well as casual imbibers will benefit, and you may consider this an excellent gift idea, as well.

Wine lovers will please excuse my lack of experience and sophistication in such matters! The premise is that red wines especially need to breathe before consumption.  From what I understand, this entails opening the bottle and pouring it into glasses (or pouring the entire bottle’s contents into a wine decanter) to allow air to circulate prior to consumption.  This could be as much as an hour!  This process can reduce harshness and is said to otherwise enhance the flavor and, consequently, the experience.

I had thought the idea of such a device to be so much smoke and mirrors, mostly the power of suggestion; wishing will make it so.  I was wrong!

For my trials, I enlisted the assistance of a select group of friends whom I know are red wine drinkers.  One among the group was solicited for suggestions as to what I should buy.  Off I went to my local merchant, instructions in hand.  I returned with the recommended wine types – a California (Sonoma) merlot, a California cabernet sauvignon, a Zarafa Pinotage, and a Malbec from Argentina.  I also selected a few familiar whites.

Our methodology was clearly unscientific, but lots of fun!

We simply sampled, er, tasted from each bottle both without the Vinturi and with the Vinturi, doing nothing more than pouring our wine though the aerating device.  Plain water crackers were snacked upon between tastings.

Once we worked our way through the reds, we tried a few whites – a chardonnay, a gewürztraminer, a muscato and a piesporter michelsberg spatlese.  Mrs. Gadget and I favor mild and sweet whites!

Bear in mind that we sipped judiciously in order to maintain our wits about us throughout the tests, all in the interest of doing a viable, reliable and informative Mr. Gadget evaluation.

The results were telling, and we were sober enough to take notes!  Most of us perceived the reds to be harsher before being poured through the Vinturi. Most believed the reds to be better-flavored, smoother and more pleasing to the palate through Vinturi, the result of this accelerated breathing.  There was occasional lack of unanimity among tasters whereas one may have liked a wine without Vinturi’s effect.  According to those who know, the folks who make the Vinturi Aerator, users should experience wine with a better bouquet, enhanced flavors and a smoother finish.  I, that is, we agree!

We recorded similar results when tasting the whites, though none were perceived as harsh in the same way as were the reds.  The general consensus was that the whites, these whites, were not as greatly benefitted using Vinturi, but we all still agreed that using the white wine-specific Vinturi was worth the effort.  More research is in order!

Ah, and here is the general benefit!  With Vinturi, there is always a choice – taste first without, then with, and decide, for each individual.  Having Vinturi available allows red wine to instantly “breathe” for instant enjoyment.  Having Vinturi and using the white wine-specific aerator with the whites allows for this tasting double play, as well.  Now, my thoughts turn to looking forward to buying more wines to try, knowing that Vinturi will help us all to enjoy the experience even more.  This is fun!

Get one or a pair of Vinturi Wine Aerators for personal or family use or as what I am sure will be a welcome gift in two varieties – “plain” in red or white for $40, or with a stand.  The red and white are different beyond just the color.  Internal dimensions and pour rates are different and optimized for each wine type.

The basic $40 Vinturi Aerator “kit” comes with the device, of course, a small, no-drip stand where Vinturi can be parked after pouring and when not in use, and travel pouch.   The $70 Deluxe Aerator Set consists of no-drip stand, sediment filter and travel pouch plus Vinturi Tower with no-splash grate as seen above.  The acrylic stand with the deluxe version allows easier use.  Imagine leaving your Vinturi Aerator in place atop the stand.  Now, place a wine goblet below, out of hand on the grate and pour, baby pour from the perfect height.  Remove the glass and any drips are collected in the no-splash grate for easier clean-up.  The same stand can also accommodate both red and white Aerators.  The Vinturi AND stand are also dishwasher safe!

Shop online and find, as I did, better prices on individual products and sets.

More product information is in their FAQs here. Want still more info?  Call them at 877-VINTURI (877-846-8874)
8:30 am to 5 pm PST.

With tasting out of the way, I treated this hard working group to a fabulous dinner of wood-smoked oh-so-tender brisket prepared on my favorite outdoor grill (of which I have written), the Char-Broil Quantum Commercial Infrared Grill.  And, of course, there was more wine, enhanced and improved by Vinturi!

Bon appétit!

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