The NEW and portable $49.95 Vinturi Travel works as advertised and has impressed me. Compact and portable, this model has exactly the same patented aeration mechanism as the award-winning Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator, the original and top-selling wine aeration tool I reviewed.  It works!  It really works!

Everything you need to know is in the linked review above, except that this new model does it all, and is ideal for travel.  I love it that it is just this simple!  And you or your gift recipient will marvel at how effective it is.

The Travel model, at just 5-5/8” tall and weighing just four ounces, comes with its own sleek and sturdy black case with stainless steel accents.  It spins open & closed and fits your pocket or bag.

Vinturi aerates red wine in the time it takes to pour a glass for the peak flavors and aromas of a properly decanted wine to be released.  It IS just that simple.  And now, with the Travel model, you’re covered both at home and anywhere while traveling.

This terrific gift for yourself or anyone else that loves wine is available at Brookstone, BevMo, Wine Enthusiast, Nordstom and (for much less!).  More information is at or call 1-877-VINTURI (846-8874).

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