April 4, 2008 – It’s time for an update on the Kohler toilet and bidet seat test, and the news is all good.First, please read my original review.

As to the Kohler Power Lite San Raphael toilet, we still love this toilet. It’s simply better than anything ever experienced. Sure, a toilet is, well, a toilet, but this one is simply superior. Remember, it is quite small, being a one-piece, yet with an elongated bowl design, so there’s plenty of comfort to be had.

It is the Power Lite flushing mechanism that is the true source of all our praise. I am pleased to report that not once have I been summoned by a family member or guest to plunge. Not once. We are very pleased, indeed.

On the subject of the C3-200 Bidet Seat, it, too continues to perform flawlessly. There is simply nothing not to like, and it is still a luxurious, recommended accompaniment to your bathroom comfort. And the guys will certainly love the remote control. We have opted to also have some time and experience with the standard set-up on this toilet, which involved removing the C3-200.

We installed the standard soft-close and very comfortable Kohler seat that came with the toilet. Everyone finds this seat perfectly comfy and roomy, and the soft-close feature adds an element of precision as well as luxury to the experience.

Even if you are not interested in this fabulous bidet seat, you will be perfectly satisfied with the toilet, wondering why you waited so long to get it. I’ve heard from many of you who have taken my advice and no one reports other than high praise with the choice of this toilet. It’s not just good or adequate, but, rather, it evokes a WOW! with each use.

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