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Tweezerman 2-5/8” mini slant tweezer with non-slip and colorful coating and precision ground tip is tweezing perfection. Whether plucking hair, removing splinters or picking up tiny items for hobbyists or DIY projects, it’s a handy tool to have around. Priced as low as $10 from Amazon, you might want to buy more than one for home and it’s a great gift idea for almost anyone.

As a Tweezerman customer for about 40 years, I can attest to the product’s enduring quality and longevity. Its angled tip provides both a sharp point and a flat edge for just about any need. I like the enamel-like coating on this model more than the slick feel of the uncoated models, but all will have the same quality edge.

Sold with a clear and sturdy tubular holder and snap-in cap, this is where you’ll want to keep it when not in use, not only to protect it but to aid in avoiding misplacing it among other items because the case adds artificial bulk. You wouldn’t want to lose this little gem.


Their warranty is a double-edge sword. The company provides a two-year guarantee from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects. What can be defective? This is a simple product and they’ve been at it long enough to know how to manufacture that prevents the two pieces that comprise the tweezer from uncoupling. The company also offers free sharpening for life! Here is the double edge. Return it at your expense and the company will top up the tips, unless it has been damaged, then return it to you at their expense. So far, so good. The turnaround time, according to the company website, is, “ a minimum of ten (10) working weeks for US orders. . .” Most of us would not want to be without our tweezers for at least 10 weeks unless we had a spare. Besides, the cost is so little, most of us, this reviewer included, will just purchase a replacement down the road IF our tweezers no longer grab as when new. We have only replaced one of more than a dozen purchased over the years. With reasonable care and appropriate use, what is there to wear out? How many products today have the potential to be useful over a lifetime? Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer could certainly fall into this category. Just the right size and just the right tip for most jobs.

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