If you want to get TV (and now FM radio) on your Mac PLUS have excellent DVR functionality, there’s but one way I know works, and works glitch-free.  The answer is EyeTV Hybrid 2009 edition, $150 from ElGato.

Already the best, this new version, with the inclusion of an FM tuner, makes the product an even better value.  And, it gets better.  This is the new 2009 edition.  Owners of the 2008 edition that also come with excellent EyeTV 3.0 software get the upgrade to EyeTV 3.1 software.  The difference?  Along with FM support, the new software makes the transition from less-than-perfect TitanTV programming info to the flawless TVGuide programming info.  Ah, now it’s just about perfect.


I’m watching my local news in High Def on my Mac while writing this article.  Connected to either cable or antenna, the tuner is capable of providing analog (soon to go bye-bye, as of February 17) as well as digital ATSC (over-the-air) reception plus cable TV programming.  In the case of cable, what I am using, the setup procedure calls for scanning all available channels, even those that are known as cable-in-the-clear.

This means users can receive everything possible that cable companies provide without a cable box.  In my case, I get all the analog basics, up to channel 125, plus the high def local stations in the channel 400 range.  On my Time Warner system, this means analog channels up to channel 98, plus seven network stations that include PBS in HD.  I do not receive the non-HD digital stations above 100, most of which do not have analog mirrors on the lower numbers.  No matter, it’s cool enough that I get what I do.  With the addition of TVGuide’s program guide, I can see what’s on now as well as what’s coming.

Users who already have version 3.0 of the software are entitled to a free upgrade to version 3.1 and one year of TVGuide programming. After one year, optional renewal of the Guide info is just $20

The software also allows scheduling of recordings in advance, up to one week.  No, it’s not TiVo.  Sadly, nothing else is TiVo, but it works, and it works well.  Simple and effective.  I like it!

With the included TV-like remote control, it’s very easy to use in all ways.

Modern Macs are ready to go.  The product requires and Intel Core 2 Dup for 720P and 1080i HD features.  The better your processor, the better the performance.  I’m testing on my top-of-the-line Mac Pro, watching on a superb Dell 24-inch monitor.

So, go ahead and get more, do more with your Mac with the newest EyeTV Hybrid hardware and software. Buy from Amazon.

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