There is much to love at Trudeau, so check them out.  A personal favorite are the best electric salt & pepper mills that just happen to be Trudeau Graviti Elite and ONLY these Elite models, under $30 and battery operated.  Keep reading for more Trudeau love.

For chefs and anyone who wants easy-to-dispense freshly ground salt and pepper, these mills are a dream come true.  Top dispensing, a must for me because I don’t like messes from bottom dispensers, they are automatic, too. Turn them over to turn them on.  Set them upright and they turn off.  Simple and effective, fun to use and a great conversation piece, in the kitchen and on the meal table with guests.  I get raves from all guests who see and use them. By the way, the are not interchangeable.  The salt-specific model is made to resist corrosion from the salt inside. Found in money-saving sets at Amazon.  Each mill requires six AAA alkaline batteries, not included, that last about a year, perhaps more.

Let me also give a plug for my favorite salt to use in my salt mill AND as table salt, already more finely ground. RealSalt (their coarse salt) is THE plain salt used in our mills here at Gadget Central. Buy locally or from Amazon.  The best seasoned salt we love is Santa Maria Barbecue Salt, the one and only, original.

New from Trudeau in the fall of 2011 is their line of Stress Less (easy to use) tools, which I have been using in the Gadget Central Kitchen. The line consists of five products sent for review – a can opener, one of the best electric cheese graters for home & professional use, garlic press, pizza cutter and a pair of manually-operated, traditional, bottom delivery salt and pepper mills.  Amazon has them all for less!




Let me start with the mills.  I like the generous capacity of each, but you already know I am not a fan of any that deliver the goods out the bottom due to residue and mess that surely must accompany use.  That said, the salt mill is fine and, as I was to learn, ALL Stress Less products are designed for just that, for easy operation, ideal for anyone, and especially those with hand-related strength or mobility issues.  And on that score, Trudeau deserves high praise.

The Stress Less pepper mill will please most users, not only for its effortless use characteristic (save for the aforementioned underneath droppings after the fact).  If, like me, you like large sizes of your delivered freshly cracked pepper, this one is a disappointment, but ONLY in this particular area.  I like to be able to adjust for big chunks. I AM a pepper junkie, admittedly.  The mechanism of both mills allow for adjustment from fine to more coarse, but I was not able to adjust for pepper the way I like it.  Still, both are the easiest of their type I have used and it is apparent from their research and final design that they have succeeded toward their objective of Less Stress in operation.

The can opener is of the European style, a lid cutter as opposed to the American can opener resulting in jagged edges.  This one cuts the lid off, clean and neat, and without effort while cranking.  My only issue with this product is the relative difficulty in getting the opener set properly, ready to use, on the can that is to be opened.  That takes some effort, and not just for this writer. Others enlisted for this trial commented similarly.  Once in place, however, can opening is, indeed, a breeze. That big crank and slim gearing mechanism makes lid cutting as easy as it could possibly be. As is customary on this kind of opener, there is a useful “parrot beak” set of jaws to grab and lift off stubborn lids after cutting.  One the user becomes accustomed to proper aim and setup, this, too, is a fine choice. Truth be told, and I do not (yet) have mobility issues, I prefer the Kuhn Rikon openers.  However for those with the mobility issues likely to benefit from the Trudeau design, chose this one!

The garlic press seems rather conventional and performs as one would expect, BUT, that big handle and the tool’s design affords added leverage of benefit to any user. Why not, then get and use THIS one that requires such minimal effort?

The cheese grater similarly benefits from that big handle and the added leverage it provides. Otherwise, it’s, well, it’s a cheese grater, grating with the best of them, only with greater ease.

Finally, the pizza cutter.  Note from the photo above the ergonomics of the device.

Designed to be operated with the hand pressing from the top, there is a thumb rest and the grip itself provides a safety land so as to avoid slippage off of it and onto the blade.  Potential disaster avoided!

Always a concern with any pizza cutter is the cleaning, take-apart and reassembly procedure.  The blade must come out, you know.  This one is a bit tricky in my view.  It comes out by being pressed against an object that allows it to snap from its snapped-in position.  This is not an easy feat for the intended stress-less user.  But then, I cannot imagine or envision how the blade could be kept securely in place while in use without such a firm grasp between blade and handle.  Re-insertion of the blade requires that the blade be fitted up into where it will ultimately snap into place, and then downward pressure must be exerted to make that final snap occur.  Again, those with “issues” may require assistance.

As a pizza cutter, it cuts the pizza as would all similar devices, though the blade is not what I would call high-precision, but so, too, the price is not befitting a high-precision cutter. All in all, it does the job as well as or better than others in its category with the added benefit of safety ergonomics not found on straight-handled cutters.

Trudeau is onto something here!  As our population ages, products of this type become more needed, more useful and more popular.

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