Like me, you probably really feel relieved when you take out those uncomfortable little ear bud earphones we use.  They’re the ones supplied with so many of those personal audio products we all love to use.  Did you know there was an inexpensive, comfortable alternative without going to those bigger and more obtrusive headphone designs?

The answer is simple.  It’s The Plug from Koss, the company that invented the Stereophone in the first place.  Koss is one of my favorite companies with great products and exceptional, lifetime, no-questions-asked warranties.  They really care about their products and their customers.

The Plug is nothing short of revolutionary.  These are tiny, yet powerful and sonically rich earbud stereophones for your portable audio devices.  From the center of one side of each earbud extends a short air tube over which is fitted a conical-shaped piece of squishy black foam.  Sound enters the ear through this tube.  Squeeze the foam to compress it.  Place The Plug earbuds in each ear.  The foam gently expands to fit the ear cavity, effectively shutting out most other ambient sound and delivering great sound from the source you provide.

It’s a simple idea and they really work.  You’ll wonder why someone didn’t think of these long ago.  You’ll want The Plug.  When you learn their suggested price is only $20, you’ll really want them badly.  But, look around, especially on the Web, and, as I did, you’ll probably find them for lots less.  I use for most of my searches.  Here’s what I did.  I entered my search term EXACTLY like this:  “the plug” and Koss.  Leave in the quotes.  I won’t mention where I just found it listed for $14.95, because things change, but be creative and look around.  Even at the full price, The Plug is simply the best.

If you can’t find The Plug where you shop or elsewhere on line, visit Koss HERE to buy direct or call them at 1-800-USA-KOSS and ask for a retailer near you. Check out their other products while you’re at it.  Regardless of where you buy The Plug, I know you’ll love them (or it?).  Your ears will thank you.

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