Toshiba’s DVR-3 combination DVD recorder/VCR is, I think, a cut above competitive units.  But, who would need or want one of these?

If you still have lots of VHS tapes, or the superior S-VHS format tapes from family videos and old TV shows (as I do), this machine will easily transfer tapes to DVD so you can archive and share those precious family moments.  It is one of the few that is capable of S-VHS playback and has the ability to save this higher quality image to DVD.  If you have any old standard VHS tapes and want to transfer them to DVD, you’ll want to have a look at this Toshiba.  If you are upgrading from your old VCR to a DVD player and will want to be able to record on either format and also across formats from one to the other, you should see this DVR-3.  In the space of your old VCR, you will have so much more!

And forget about having to set the clock to avoid the dreaded flashing “12:00” because like so many other VCRs today, this one sets the clock automatically, though manual setup is available should auto-set fail in your area.

For quite some time I have touted the advantages and benefits of several Toshiba products, including their TVs and DVD players because, as a consumer, I put my money where my mouth is. I buy this brand myself.

So, when Toshiba announced this model, I wanted to take a look, and I like what I found, though I was not expecting to feel otherwise.

In the playback department, Toshiba has included its customary array of fine features, including Digital Cinema Progressive Scan output for a superior picture through TVs equipped to receive this high-quality signal (most new TVs are ready to go).  The DVR-3 plays back CDs, MP3 CDs, CD-R/RW, JPEG CD-R/RW, DVD Video, DVD-R/RW, and DVD-RAM.  It can record DVD-R/RW and DVD-RAM in addition to recording onto videotape.

The advantages of DVD-RAM are that RAM discs act like a hard drive.  Keep adding to them until full. And even create playlists in any order you like.

However, remember, when using DVD-RAM discs, these can only be played back in DVD-RAM capable players, and MOST DVD players are NOT DVD-RAM compatible. DVD-RAM is very useful for recording TV programs directly from broadcast in the way you used to use videotape in a VCR.  RAM discs are reusable and capable of DVD quality recordings that are much better than videotape.  Individual recordings can be deleted, too, unlike videotape.

The front panel is loaded with input jacks – S-VHS and Video, Audio L/R and DV (for your digital camcorder).  Just about anything you’ve got can be connected for transferring to DVD or to VHS tape, but you cannot record copy-protected tapes or DVDs.

I have enjoyed testing this Toshiba product and I am pleased to recommend it for your High Tech Home.

It’s fun, functional and loaded with high-quality features!  Visit for more information and to find a retailer nearest you.  You may also call 1-800-350-4105 for more information.

This brings me to price.  According to Toshiba, the DVR-3 has a suggested selling price of $400.  I think this is a bit high for such a product, so I dug and found MUCH better prices by searching the Internet, of course.  I let Google do the work and also checked in at and where I found NEW units priced at less than $300 including delivery.  I think that’s a great price.

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