Like many of you, there are certain everyday household helpers, often referred to as “gadgets,” that have become personal most-frequently-used indispensables and have stood the test of time.  These are mine, products I turn to either daily or every time I need to accomplish a particular, regularly performed task.The difficult part was whittling the list to just 10. Oh, how I could have expanded on this topic!  Let me know YOUR favorites, and why they’re your indispensables, won’t you?

The focus here is upon small and relatively inexpensive products, and all represent great value. Each item is the best at what it does. Most will be unknown to nearly all readers, which is especially gratifying and satisfying. I hope through my experience that you will come away with your own “AHA!” moment on many from among my Top 10.

All are easy to operate and may well never wear out. Isn’t that refreshing?  The downside of such simplicity and utilitarian value without obsolescence is that you’ll probably not see much about them beyond this article and others like it at They’re not sexy or brand NEW. They just work.

#10 JarPop – (Also widely known as JarKey) On the market since 1993, JarPop jar opener product is so elegantly simple in design and execution, and its usefulness extends to ALL consumers, including those with mobility issues in their hands.



We’ve all had the experience of grunting and straining to open previously unopened vacuum-sealed jars. STOP banging the jar on the counter or floor, or asking Uncle Jed to open that *%#@ jar for you. Forget the straps, clamps, V-shaped under cabinet-mounted toothed strips and all the other tools for this task. Nothing is easier to use. Nothing is better.

Use JarPop to gently burp the lid only the first time it is opened, releasing the vacuum pressure, which then allows the top to easily unscrew ever after. There is no need to go beyond that little burp.

For those whose hands may have mobility and gripping difficulties, JarPop’s wide and comfortable handle with its smooth edges make this task all the easier. JarPop demographics span from young to old. In my view, JarPop/JarKey should be in every kitchen and I have provided a quote to this effect that I am proud to have displayed (at no charge) on every retail card that holds a Jar Pop/JarKey in the US.

JarKeyMrG-endorsementJarPop is available in vivid colors and made from dishwasher-safe, indestructible ABS plastic. There is NOTHING to ever wear out. Priced at about $5 – $6 online and at many specialty retailers, as well as hardware stores. Look for it and ask for it locally. JarPop/JarKey is a welcome gift to friends and family, and as a wedding and housewarming gift, for long time homeowners as well as anyone moving to a first apartment. WHY is it not universally available at Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond, for example? When you see what is sold other than JarPop/JarKey, you have to wonder why.

Look for it and ask for it at local hardware and cooking stores. I’ve seen that it is available for online order searching Jar Pop, JarPop, Jar Key and JarKey through Ace Hardware, which ships it for pickup to a local store. Also from Amazon,, The Container Store (online order or in stock), and through eBay.


Please don’t forget to email me about YOUR favorites, or about mine. Message me through Twitter @mrgadget or Facebook.

Stay tuned for #9

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