If you’re a TiVo fan as I am, you love that TiVo “peanut” remote.  Now, for all TiVo fans with any HD TiVo model, there is a new and better li’l P’nut remote called TiVo Slide.

For as little as about $64 online we can upgrade to the new kid, a shorter version of the original with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.  Why?  Simple, really. As we search YouTube or perform any search function, no longer do we have to enter text by first moving the cursor to the correct letter, then hitting Select.  That’s tedious!

With the Slide remote, searches are ultimately easier.

In addition, this remote is both infrared (line of sight) and Bluetooth (non-directional, non line of sight) so it’s going to talk to your TiVo even if the TiVo is in a TV cabinet.  Bluetooth increases range and it more accurate.  A BT dongle plugs into the USB port on the back of these TiVo DVRs.

The Slide is a leaning remote easily set to control power, volume and mute on the TV and an AV receiver.

A built-in automatic light sensor activates the keys’ and keyboard’s backlighting for easy operation in darkness.

Just plug it in and control TiVo in mere seconds.

I am surprised that the pair of AA batteries that came with my test sample is still operating the remote, so battery life is not a complaint.

We’ve easily become accustomed to not having to aim the remote at our plasma set and equipment below. This is partially because of the Bluetooth that feeds the TiVo through the dongle as well as a more powerful IR signal that finds the TV.

Whereas previously I had avoided YouTube searches and not liked the tedious process of any alpha or numeric entry, now I do not. I never consciously realized this avoidance.  Now, what a joy it is to search!  In addition to the QWERTY keypad, there is also a spacebar, four-way controller with center select and a numeric entry pad on the right.  It’s all there and more!

Ah, this is the new “IT” remote for TiVo.  Get one or give one.  No one could be less than thrilled to receive one as a gift.

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