Weaknees for TiVo purchase, repair or upgrade – This one takes some explanation.  There are few consumer electronics products that I think are a don’t-look-back, just-spend-the-money-and-enjoy-it product.  TiVo is one of those few, but the company has always had a difficult marketing job.  It takes time to get the full message across and understood, plus, using it is the real salesperson.  Let me take a stab at it.

First, there’s TiVo, the granddaddy of and still the absolute best Digital Video Recorder (DVR) of them all.  Only TiVo is TiVo. The others are not worth spit, as far as I am concerned.  The non-TiVo DVR from your cable company or satellite provider just can’t measure up. Yes, I really do feel that strongly.  You can read about my love of TiVo by searching my Site. Just enter “tivo” as your search term.  TiVo continues to innovate and to improve its service by updating its software and by adding useful features – local weather, local movies playing and ticket purchase, traffic alerts, playing music and photos on local computers through the TiVo box, rent and send movies directly to TiVo for viewing from the TiVo box, and much more.  They also have the best remote control of any consumer electronics product.

TiVo and DIRECTV have made nice again! It’s about time that the two came back together!  I am just so impressed with TiVo’s ease and simplicity of use and the many extras it provides.  I’ve had the Weaknees super-size treatment to our main TiVo, an original High Def model called Series 3.  Instead of just 30 hours of High Def recording, the Weaknees upgraded TiVo gives me up to 100 hours of HD recording or as many as 1000 hours of standard definition recording, or a lesser combination of the two.  Now, that’s something!  No cable box is needed, either.  Your cable company will provide the required single or pair of cable cards and install them in your TiVo if the provider service provider does not have this as a DIY project.

TiVo is an ultimate gift for anyone with HDTV, to be sure, with hardware prices for unmodified models starting at $100.  I think TiVo is also among the very best consumer electronics products – EVER.  In addition to the TiVo purchase itself, with whichever model is chosen, there will also be a monthly charge for the TiVo service above your cable bill. Three options are available. First, there is a monthly $20 plan with a one-year commitment.  There is also a no-commitment monthly plan for those who choose to pay more initially for their new TiVo.  However, I think it is best to do what I did. Since it is going to be around for many years to come, I opted for TiVo Lifetime Service, a $499 one-time-for-life fee (that is, lifetime of THAT TiVo unit only).  Before you jump, check out what Weaknees has to offer according to what it is you want for yourself or as a gift, either in a new TiVo OR for an upgrade to an existing TiVo for someone special.  In summary, visit www.weaknees.com for TiVo repairs (don’t toss out a non-working TiVo, fix it!), new TiVo purchases of the standard unmodified variety, or to purchase a High Def TiVo, an ultimate gift ideal for someone with a High Definition TV.   TiVo is the best, and Weaknees makes TiVo even better. Please call them with any questions you may have about any of their products or services at 888-WEAKNEES (932-5633).  For TiVo information and to see what is available directly from TiVo, click here.

More TiVo news: Service enhancements increase the benefit of owning TiVo products. TiVo-to-Go for all High Def models as well as for Series 2 models. Connected to your home’s high-speed network, wired or wirelessly (I’m wireless) you can transfer programs from TiVo to computer, then format the video for transfer to your iPod, iPhone, iPad, AppleTV or other size outputs. Let’s review – you can record favorite shows and transfer them to your devices. TiVo-to-Go is the gateway to TiVo programming on loads of other devices (1, 2) I’m loving it. There’s nothing better for travelers.  I especially enjoy watching on the larger screen of an iPad or on iPhone and iPod touch models.  In addition, you can buy external hard drives from Weaknees.  MORE TiVo NEWS (not Weaknees news) – Now, all High Def TiVo owners can buy an external hard drive that will add up to more than 300 hours of standard definition and more than 65 hours of High Definition storage just by connecting this special hard drive from Western Digital called My DVR ExpanderClick to learn details.  It’s simply plug and play!  WOW! And starting at only about $150!  There is more great news from TiVo. In addition to being able to see weather, traffic and YouTube videos through TiVo, you can also see photos and videos from networked computers and share online photos with anyone, anywhere.  Users can order pizza from Domino’s using TiVo!  As indicated above, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video users can stream movies over TiVo, too.

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