Tissot T-Touch watch – part of the Swatch Group, Tissot makes wonderful timepieces. My personal favorite gadget watch remains their T-Touch.  I call it my stealth gadget watch because it looks like a regular nice watch, but its secret is the touch-sensitive mineral crystal that activates six functions like no other watch on the planet. See on timeneeds watch reviews.

From about $400 online with careful shopping. Retail starts at about $650 in many stores.  I love my T-Touch. Get one for someone special in your life. They are fine and accurate timepieces.  I wrist-tested a couple of Casio gadget watches, hoping to find a worthy alternative. Despite solar charging and features including altimeter, compass, barometer, thermometer and more, I found the watches to be horribly complex and not at all user-friendly. Their operation was confusing and non-intuitive. No sale. I’ll continue to suggest the Tissot T-Touch models as THE watch in this category, both accurate and elegant, as well as loaded with technology and features, and all of it easy to access without complicated procedures.

Still the champ – Tissot T-Touch.  I cannot wait to see what they do next!  Be sure to view all the models now in the line, from the main T-Touch models through the new Expert models to models specifically for divers, navigators and a model called the Silen-T.  I cannot imagine any guy not feeling special wearing any of these fine T-Touch timepieces.

I had the opportunity to have some on-wrist time with the Expert model, a more feature-rich version of the original, according to Zegarek. Major differences between the original and this updated model series include overall external design refresh and update, backlighting on the digital display window and greater features depth.  The last point is most significant.  Whereas the original model had one feature per touch zone or button push, this new model has depth.  For example, there is an altimeter function of simple height above sea level AND a secondary function of differential altitude.  The compass feature can show directions of the compass or azimuth.  The weather function can display weather in kilopascals or absolute pressure.  The Expert model can display time in two locations as determined by a T or T2 in the digital display area.  There are two alarms instead of just one. The Expert features an improved 100 m depth specification for water resistance. This model insists that the user read and practice how to access and become expert at using this new, more involved and more complicated version that is also more expensive than the original.  This is definitely a watch for the EXPERT user, the discerning owner who is not intimidated by the multiplicity of capabilities. Still, it retains its modest outward appearance, belying the gadget watch beneath the understated exterior.  Long live the NEW KING OF GADGET WATCHES!  Most users who want things simple will find the original T-Touch a fine choice. 

UPDATE! The T-Touch II, a little less cumbersome and complicated than the Expert, now replaces the original.  I’ve wrist-tested the Titanium model of the T-Touch II.  My assessment is simple. I LOVE IT!  It is a more mature iteration of the original, with more rounded lines. Titanium is lighter and more rugged than stainless steel, and it looks more polished.  Functionally, it is comfortable and easy to become accustomed to. I favor it over the Expert, maybe because I like simplicity best.  Whatever the reason, unless you or your gift recipient is a super geek, stick with THIS one.  It is, by the way, model T047.420.44.207.00 and linked HERE.  On the linked page is also a link to the manual, so have a look at it before purchase.  Shop around to find this model for much less than the $995 list price (as low as about $615). But DO get this watch!

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