Here’s an unusual, ultimately useful gift idea. Follow along, please.

It is likely your dad, grad or other worthy recipient has a device that uses these tiny memory cards.  Devices would include many mobile phones, for example.  In addition, these little cards can be purchased with adapters that allow them to go in places where standard-size SD cards can live, such as in computers or even in card readers attached to laptops.  Prices range from $10 to $100.  So far, so good?



So, you, the gift giver, can get one or more in the capacity that matches your budget for that user. Kids can make a video greeting for dad for Father’s day and include pictures and artwork so he can open it on his big day. Parents can get video messages of fellow classmates or download music from the year to take with them to college as a great yearbook. Plus, use it every day at school and work.

I’ll leave up to you what content you want to provide or to the end user if he or she knows all about the how-to-do to put movies on the cards.  Suffice it to say that these cards will store a bunch.  Most movies can be pared down for this use and convert to smaller file sizes for display on the small screens. Look into 2-, 4-, 8, and 16GB cards as gifts.  High capacities are good for thousands of pictures, videos and music collections that can be moved from your computer to your phone and vice versa.

Dads, students and grads can store their personal photo collections as well as business files, school papers, etc so they can easily move to any computer and store in their mobile phone.

Available from leading companies including SanDisk. Shop online with searches on Google and elsewhere for best prices.  Unless the recipient already has a card reader/adapter, be sure to get one with a card.  Subsequent cards need not be purchased with a reader.  Just reuse the reader!  Shop using microSD and microSDHC as search terms and then check prices on the highest capacity within your budget.

You’re welcome!

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