lf you’re looking for a simple, well-designed, not-too-expensive water bottle (OK, call it a hydration bottle if you must), you will like this (retail) $11 Thermos Intak bottle.

Manufactured of BPA-free impact resistant Eastman Tritan copolyester, the material is said to be completely safe and in my tests there is NO lingering taste from flavored beverages after washing.  This is the same modern plastic used to create the recently reviewed Hourglass Coffee Maker that I like.  It cleaned up without a trace of the lemonade I consumed from it when run through the dishwasher.  I achieved the same results with no lingering taste or odors after washing it by hand.

This product is not designed to keep hot drinks hot or water cold. There is no insulation.  It’s just a bottle.

What’s so cool? This style holds a generous 24 ounces of liquid refreshment, yet weighs only .39 lbs.  The screw-on lid seals tightly, as one would hope.  Note from the photo the front button on the top.  There is a metal “bail” that snaps up and over the top of the button to hold the pop-top in place and prevent accidental opening.  When that curved metal wire is snapped down and off the pop-top button, users can one-handed easily press and open the hinged clear lid to reveal the wide opening from which the liquid is drunk.  When the top is snapped to a closed position, a soft silicone or silicone-like seal is held snugly over the opening to secure the contents.  Nary a drop will leave the vessel when it’s buttoned up.  Note, also, the ring revealed over the top at the rear.  This is a flip-up loop. There is also a slim black ring seen just above the colored plastic bottle itself.  That ring is a rotating meter that allows users to monitor daily water consumption.  Nice touch!

Simple and effective is just the way I like my gadgets and this is as simple and effective as they come.

I’ve dropped mine from a height of 4-1/2 feet without damage, though I do not recommend you do the same.  The material from which it is made is durable, yet slightly flexible. I do not expect it to crack or split in normal use.  Also, its slim design makes it a good fit for my vehicle cup holder that sits in the clear between the front seats.  Your vehicle may be different!

The bottom line?  These are wonderful water bottles for everyday use, available in four colors and also in a pair of colors with 18-ounce styles that have a flip-up straw.  Purchase online through Buy Online links on the product page linked above or from retailers listed here, perhaps for less money, too, as well as from Amazon.com.

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