Now is the time to get into the wonderful world of High Definition TV in your High Tech Home.  Why?  Because manufacturers are FINALLY providing HD sets with built-in tuners to receive not only standard definition TV signals but also the HD signals from both over-the-air (terrestrial) sources (using your TV antenna, if that works in your area) and from so-called digital cable-in-the-clear signals.

I am so pleased that my personal favorite TV maker, Toshiba, is among the first to offer these capabilities in many of their sets.  In particular, I am pleased to see it in their 65HX93, a spectacular 65” Cinema Series Integrated HDTV Monitor Projection TV with a retail price of $3500. (I just checked online and found it for $3600 total price DELIVERED!)  It comes with an 8VSB/QAM Tuner so the digital reception is truly built right in!

As for the picture, well, I think it is spectacular, and this set comes with lots of other technological goodies.  These include two IEEE1394 ports with industry standard DTVLink capability for digital networking and recording, and Gemstar’s Interactive Program Guide which shows program data on both digital and analog channels, from both terrestrial and cable reception. It even has the ability to control external recording devices for one-touch recording.  More?  Absolutely!

There is the new TheaterNet IR/1394 control system for effortless analog and digital external device control, and a Multi Card Slot with JPEG viewer so you can see your digital camera photos with ease.  All models feature Toshiba’s state of the art CrystalScan HDSC All-Time 1080i Scan Conversion System, CableClear DNR+, and TouchFocus auto digital convergence.

Unique features in the integrated Cinema Series line include the new PowerFocus HD4 CRT’s, PowerFocus HCF Achromatic Lens System, MegaBand super wide band video amp, TheaterShield AR, and the new AccuFocus 56-Point Manual Convergence option.  In addition to the state of the art video features, the sets also boast SRS® WOW and Virtual Dolby for unparalleled sound quality and StableSound so the volume level is maintained within a pre-set range regardless of the source. The six-item illuminated A/V remote control comes equipped to handle DVD and audio devices.

Seeing is believing, so visit your retailer for a look.  Insist on seeing a LIVE HDTV signal AND play a DVD using a progressive scan DVD player connected properly to the TV’s ColorStream Connections on the rear of the set.  I always take my own favorite DVD to play so I can see the same scenes with which I am familiar.  Even though your DVD experience will NOT be in true, native High Definition, you will be amazed at how good it looks.

You will also appreciate the split cabinet design that allows the cabinet to be split in two for ease of delivery and installation.

Since seeing really is believing, just have that look for yourself, and be sure to compare the picture to other similar-size sets.  Compare the picture, the features and the price.  If you are in the market for a new, big screen HDTV in this price range, I think you’ll buy this one!  If you are looking for the same quality and features in a smaller screen, look at the Toshiba 51-inch 51HX93 or 57-inch 57HX93.

More information is at and by calling 1-800-631-3811.

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