I have been telling you about Fellowes shredders for many years.  Why?  Because this is the brand I trust in my own home and office and the brand I recommend to family, friends and, of course, to you.  New technology is keeping the Fellowes brand ahead of the pack and it’s a good time for me to let you know about their latest models.

One of the most frustrating things about operating a shredder is a paper jam.  I’m a careful, thoughtful shredder user and I still occasionally overstuff the opening and create jams, but that’s all in the past with Fellowes new line of Intellishred Series of 100% JAM PROOF shredders, including the PS-79Ci that I have been testing.

This new line instantly calculates the amount of paper being fed into each shredder.  A sensor measures the thickness of the paper stack and automatically stops a paper jam before it occurs. Similar to a traffic signal that alerts the driver when it is his turn to proceed, a light bar lets users know they are nearing sheet capacity.  A green to yellow light shows the stack is within capacity of the shredder. A red light is the indication that the machine has been overfed and the shredder will automatically stop, letting the user remove the excess paper.  So, the user sees the graduated light bar before the paper is munched. If it’s red, abort, pull back and remove as needed for a trouble-free, in-the-green or –yellow shred.  Your shredder will thank you with years and years of reliable service.

If it’s needed and you’ve gone too far, just press the semi-circular switch/button to enter the reverse mode and back out the stack so some sheets can be removed.  Then, proceed.

Ideal for home and small office use, the PS-79Ci features a generous six-gallon basket capacity and quieter operation than many previous models.  With its supplied roll-easy casters, this cross-cut shredder can live almost anywhere and be directed to various locations in your home or small office to serve more than one user.  In addition to paper, this Fellowes model eagerly gobbles up your CDs and DVDs, credit cards, staples and paper clips.  Finally, SafeSense technology stops the shredder immediately when hands are too close to the paper opening.

Whether it’s tax season and spring cleaning time or you’re just getting organized, you need a shredder like this!  I cannot tell you how critically important are my Fellowes shredders.  They gobble my junk mail every day, along with any old docs to dispose of that have personally identifiable information on them.  Yes, every day!

The PS-79Ci typically sells for about $179, but smart shoppers (that’s YOU) will find it online and even at retail locations for much less.  Just now, I searched online through Google’s shopping link and found a delivered price of $154.  Shop around!  It’s not uncommon to find street prices of about half the suggested retail price on these items. The PS-79Ci is also available online at Staples.com and OfficeDepot.com.

If your needs dictate a bit higher performance with greater capacity per shred and higher storage capacity in the basket, look for the next model up – the SB-89Ci, with a seven-gallon basket and capable of longer duty cycle (shred more with each pass and for a longer time).  This model typically sells for $280, but I found it looking online for a delivered price of $170 at www.costco.com.  Your price will vary depending upon when you shop and where you live due to different shipping costs.

If, like me, you are a diligent shredder of anything that comes in the mail with personally identifiable information, and if you also shred your old tax docs and other files periodically, you may wish to move up one more notch.  This takes you to the Intellishred SB-99Ci, typically selling for about $280, and found with the same discount structure – I saw it online today for a delivered price of only $214. The SB-99Ci comes with the ability to shred up to 17 sheets at a time and deliver that shredded material to its nine-gallon basket.   It runs longer to shred more with each usage.

All of the other features are the same across all three models.  Whether you need the $154 model or can spring for up to $214, you can be assured of high quality, long life and bulldog-like ferocity when it comes to shredding your stuff with Fellowes.

Maybe, like me, you would be best advised to get a couple of them – one in your home office and one for the rest of the house.  For many of you, multiple shredders make sense and their convenience cannot be overstated.

Each model requires only minimal maintenance.  Don’t let the receptacle become overfull.  Check the bin after each use as it fills and pack it down.  Empty it as needed and don’t try to cram in as much as possible.  I use standard plastic garbage bags or Fellowes-recommended clear bags. The only other thing is to use a few drops of Fellowes (supplied) mineral oil dripped from the top after each time the bin is emptied.  This keeps the cutter mechanism lubricated. Use ONLY the recommended lubricant. That’s about it, all that is needed toward years and years of use.

Remember, the front line of defense, the first step and the easiest way to begin to prevent the scourge of identity theft from reaching inside your home or office is to shred wisely.  Fellowes is number one in the industry for a very good reason.  They work!  I trust my shredding duties to Fellowes and so can you.  What is your identity worth and isn’t it worth protecting?

More information is at www.fellowes.com or call 1-800-955-0959.

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