Don’t you hate it when you grab for a flashlight and it’s dead?  Or, you really need it and it dies after an hour or two?  Or, the bulb wears out?  Well, no more, thanks to the good people at the C. Crane Company.  These lights last!

Whether for camping, hiking, strolls at night, finding that keyhole in the dark, checking on bumps in the night or for emergencies at home, in the car, at the office or anywhere else, these lights will delight you (and probably amaze you, too!).  They will forever change how you think about using a flashlight.  Now, you can use one freely, without worry that it won’t operate when you need it most.

Each uses the performance of the brightest LEDs available to provide an almost unbelievably amount of light, yet they’re penny-pinchers on power consumption.  These lights have become indispensable to me.

I might as well tell you now how to get them.  You can call C. Crane at 1-800-522-8863 to order or visit them on the Web at  All the products in their wonderful catalog are online, so take your time and look around.  Also ask for their printed catalog.   You won’t find a nicer bunch to deal with.  Buy with confidence.  Customer satisfaction is their number one product.  I am proud to report that in over 11 years as a customer and after recommending them to millions of others on and off the air, I receive only thanks from everyone referred there.  I have even visited their little operation in Northern California.  It’s as good as it seems.  Proprietor Bob Crane is the real deal!

The CC Trek Light uses three “AA” alkaline batteries (included) to power FOUR super-bright LEDs in a waterproof case.  Think of the CC Trek light as the everyday light, the one you’ll keep at bedside in the kitchen drawer.  Twist to turn it on/twist to turn it off.  You’ll take it on walks with the dog and give one to the kids to use if the power fails for any reason.  It’s the perfect emergency light for anyone in earthquake tornado or hurricane country.  It’s the one I also use for my extensive travel.  It’s always there at my bedside.  Available in black or bright yellow, the CC Trek Light is $29.95, exclusively from C. Crane Company.



Last, but not least, is the one little light each of you should have on your key ring and on the keyring of everyone you care about.  It’s the Photon Micro-Light II, which sells for as little as $8 with free shipping.  It’s wafer thin, weighs next to nothing and is only slightly larger around than the fingerprint part of your thumb.  Give it a squeeze and see the brightest light you can imagine from such a small source.  It’s yet another use for these amazingly bright LEDs.  Powered by two, long-lasting Lithium cells (which are included and installed), it will run for an amazing five continuous hours at full brightness.  That means it should last for years of the occasional use for which you will probably need it, such as finding addresses on a map in a dark car at night, or finding something dropped on the floor in the movie theater, or, for that matter, finding your seats in the theater, or finding your way anywhere if the lights go out.  Really, this light gives peace of mind just knowing it’s there with your keys if you need it.  It’s completely unlike anything you’ve seen for your key ring.  It’s also the perfect gift for husbands and wives, grandmas and grandpas and for driving-age kids.  There’s even a locking switch to keep it on.  It’s solidly built!

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