Aerobed inflates in less than a minute and is more comfortable and easier to use than a traditional sofa bed.

Don’t struggle with a cot, rollaway bed or any other temporary bed.  I’ve tested Aerobed for several months.  Now, I’m ready to spill the beans.  I wanted to have enough experience with it to be sure it was not one of those products that works fine a few times and then comes apart.  I’m now confident and can report to you that I think it’s durable enough to warrant your business.  At least, this has been my own experience.

I wanted to use it while traveling and at home on lots of sleepovers so I could see that it could stand the rigors of repeated inflation and deflation, as well as folding it up and packing it away in its own storage bag.  There’s nothing worse than buying something only to find that, after repeated use, it falls apart and falls far short of expectations.  I could not, in good conscience, report on this product prematurely.

Now, it has passed the Mr. Gadget test (informal though it is) and has survived many, many uses without failure.

Not only does Aerobed inflate rapidly, it deflated incredible fast, also in less than one minute.  Just pop the quick release “plug.”

Once inflated with the built-in electric pump, the in-line remote switch allows fine-tuning of the firmness to just what you want.  There’s a small deflator valve on the pump to bleed off excess while you lie on the bed.  The pump is permanently attached to the bed.  Just plug in the long cord to the outlet on the wall.

The Aerobed is ideal for overnight guests, visitors, dorm rooms, getaways by car and vacation homes.  The Deluxe model comes with a quilted mattress cover and its own carrying bag that easily hangs from a hook in the closet.  Aerobed sleeps like a conventional bed, fits standard-sized sheets, is a great gift and prevents you from having to devote an entire room to your guests.  Pretty neat, huh?

Around here, we love the Aerobed and so do our guests.

In the L.A. area, Aerobed can be purchased in many stores including Sears, Robinson-May stores, Macy’s West and Strouds.  The twin size can be purchased for around $100, the double for $149 and queen $179. To purchase by phone, call 1-800-Aerobed.  On the Web, they’re at

Aerobed also makes pools and beds for camping.  Information is on their Website.

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