Get Peek! Peek is for all the non-techies who simply want to be able to do email while away from their computer.  That’s it. That’s all.

It’s sleek and simply email – sending and receiving.  And it works!  Set it up and receive email in less than two minutes.  It really is that simple.

Peek’s so cool that it was chosen among Time Magazine’s list of the coolest gadgets of 2008. It’s also one of Oprah’s top picks for the season and, as I just learned from the good folks at Peek, their gadget was also selected as a Wired (magazine) Editor’s Choice.  It’s gratifying to see that they all agree with what I found to be so!

For anyone and everyone who wants email wherever and whenever, without the expense and complexity of a so-called smart phone, Peek is the answer.  More than just THE answer for so many consumers, Peek is a very cool gadget that is brilliantly conceived and designed and unlike anything for its purpose I’ve ever seen. When I received my test unit last month, I knew immediately it was something special.  Moms, dads, aunts & uncles, grandma & grandpa, as well as your friends are all candidates for using and loving Peek as I do.

 Supporting all major email providers including Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and others, mine was set up quickly as advertised.  Go ahead, try their easy test to see if Peek will work with a particular email address, yours or someone else who may wish to get Peek.  There is no data that is kept by the company, so fear not that the email address tested will mysteriously start receiving unwanted email from anyone.  Go to the Learn More page and click around to learn more, of course.  There, you will see the words, “Does it work with me?”  Hover your cursor over those words to reveal where you may click to try an email address.  It’s just that easy, and that is exactly, precisely the beauty of Peek.

Peek can also be set for many other types of email.  For example, my own email is not standard, so I had to call their tech support to get that set up.  It was not a problem.  You may find similar reasons to call and get some special settings made for your use.

My Peek quickly powered up from its internal and replaceable lithium battery.  After answering a few on-screen questions, I was signed up, off and running and I’ve never looked back.

Each device supports up to three email accounts, too!

A scroll wheel on the right side navigates through the email listed on the screen.  With any particular email on any line highlighted (as can be seen in the product photos above) pressing the typical “return” key on the keyboard opens that email so it can be viewed on the screen. Pressing inward selects the item and brings up a small menu from which you scroll to your choice of actions.  There you will find access to the Trash Folder, Drafts Folder, Saved Folder and Inbox, as well as the ability to force check for email instead of waiting for your Peek to automatically check on its own. A small button beneath the scroll wheel is the simple Back command.  That’s about it, except for the power button on the top.  Could it be any simpler?  I don’t think so.

Peek has been further enhanced with new capabilities and services.  For example you can now send text messages from Peek!  For everyone (myself included) who likes to send and receive text messages, having that great keyboard on Peek makes texting simple and fast as compared to most mobile phones.  It’s as easy as entering the other party’s 10-digit phone number in the “to” field and then pressing “send.”  Replies are also received on your Peek.  And texts are FREE on Peek, another bonus!

Peek users may now view almost all image files.  Attachments that are standard Photo formats can be viewed through an option in the menu called “View image.”  I love this!

Peek will continue to develop and add fun capabilities while keeping true to their mission of keeping it simple.

The cost?  An affordable $99.95 for the device and only $19.95 per month for unlimited email.  Go ahead and compare that price with other ways of getting the job done while on the go.  That’s it – No contracts – EVER.

How does it do what it does?  Peek uses established, pervasive technology called GPRS, on T-Mobile’s network, which is darn near everywhere we go throughout the country.  Yes, it’s only US-based, at least for now.  Peek does NOT rely on Wi-Fi or other local networks, and that is why it works in so many locations.  Use it inside and outside.  I’ve used it on the road and never found it lacking for signal.

Battery life is up to two or three days or more for normal users.  Heavy users like me can deplete the battery in a day.  Recharging takes only a little more than an hour for a nearly dead Peek.  I recommend charging every night.

The full QWERTY keyboard is easy to become accustomed to.  Shortcuts are few.  The backlit color screen is easily readable in any lighting.

What are the limitations?  If it’s not simple, text-based email, it isn’t on Peak.  There’s no spell checker, either.  Simple, down and dirty email.  Period.  Are you getting this concept?  The only possible little “gotcha” is that the font size is pretty small, so some users may need their readin’ specs to see it in larger form.

In addition, what you send from Peek is not saved elsewhere.  For that, users can also send email to themselves as bcc, but that may be too geeky.

If you’re thinking that what it lacks you can get on a Blackberry, iPhone or other “smart phone,” then Peek is not for you.  Peek is for the rest of us.  We don’t care about how something works, but, rather, that it works.  That’s Peek. It works.

Peek is available in Cherry, Aqua and Charcoal.

Get yours or get one as a gift from Target and online at www.getpeek.comThrough Thanksgiving weekend there is a temporary price cut at Target to only $79.95That’s a fast $20 savings.  Questions?  Answers are at 1-877-677-PEEK.

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