Looking for a hands free device for your mobile phone?  The best is a surprise, not a Bluetooth headset, but one of theBoom wired headsets that have been available all along, from Umevoice.


 theBoom O

We have been conditioned of late to ONLY think of unwired solutions, all of which are loaded with compromises, and this includes wired headsets.  I want you to think about what is best and why, by addressing the use to which you will put your hands free solution.

If you are on your mobile phone constantly, from the time you wake until the time you return home and unplug for bed, you have my sympathies!  In this case, it is likely that you are in it for business. Why else would you need to be so connected and so available? And why should you be equipped with a headset that is not up to all day use?


 theBoom V4

Above all, there are two principal downsides to any Bluetooth solution.  First, the sound.  NO wireless headset can match sound quality of a wired headset or using no headset at all.  Sure, there are noise-cancelling capabilities, but none are ideal in all circumstances.  Some sound better in wind. Others sound better with other background noises.  NONE sound good all the time. Unfortunately, we consumers have come to accept this inferior sound quality.

The other downside to a Bluetooth solution, especially for the power user/caller, is battery life.  Few of the small BT headsets can go all day, hour after hour, call after call, without needing to be recharged.  Battery issues for some users will always be there.

Now, think about where it is you use a headset or need a headset.  Certainly, one is needed, required in most states, while driving. If you find it more convenient to be hands free elsewhere, then so be it.


 theBoom E

Even before Bluetooth headsets burst onto the market, wired headsets were there.  You probably remember when most phones came with a cheap earpiece and a dangling microphone on the cord.  In many ways, some of these did a very good job. However, they, too, are not perfect.

For many years I have used and advocated wired hands free solutions from my friends at Umevoice, marketing their own proprietary headsets under the “theBoom” name.  From their inception, theBoom headsets were designed for hostile situations, such as on the floor by Wall Street traders with all the background noise.  The wired headsets in this noisy, cacophonous environment MUST be able to block out nearly all extraneous sound, remain comfortable to wear all day AND provide spot-on accurate voice transmission so there is NO mistaking what the trader is saying, or hearing, in his or her headset. This is high-stakes business and errors are not permitted. Period. That is why those professionals use and recommend, as do I, theBoom headsets.

The difference is that remarkable. You won’t see Bluetooth on the trading floor very much, if at all. You will see theBoom.

Speak and be heard is what the company says, with NO batteries to wear or need charging or replacement.

Sure, you may think it more convenient to walk about without a cord, but here is where you must think of your objective.  If speaking and being heard – while speaking in a low, normal tone regardless of background noise – is the objective, you MUST get theBoom.  The difference is not just clear, it is remarkable!

I use theBoom O every day at my desk with my cordless phones.  I hear and am heard better and I have my hands free for other things. In my car, I use either theBoom V4 or, on loooooong drives, theBoom E. I never suffer from hoarseness.  I speak in normal tones and my callers always hear me, no matter the background situation, whether I have the A/C blasting or the windows open.  All my callers hear is the sound of MY voice.

While wearing theBoom headsets I have NEVER been questioned as to the crappy kind of headset I am wearing or asked to repeat myself as has happened countless times while wearing Bluetooth headsets.  In addition, I get to hear everything spoken to me with ease.

Unlike ALL Bluetooth headsets, ALL theBoom headsets use the same passive noise cancellation.  It is all in the proprietary design of the microphone assembly, with its padding and built-in technology.  This unpowered mic is capable of blocking out virtually all sound intended to not be heard. Isn’t that what you want?

Go ahead and try other wired solutions. None compare with theBoom. Go ahead and try Bluetooth wireless solutions to experience all the compromises.  I hope you can see the wisdom in adopting my recommendation and my personal solution. Free yourself from Bluetooth battery issues. Free yourself from inferior sound quality on mobile phones and cordless phones, and, by the way, when using Skype or Dragon Dictate (or MacSpeech on Macs), as theBoom headsets are without peer and simply the best at what they do.

theBoom Headsets are available for virtually ALL mobile phones and cordless phones as well as computers so you have no excuse to not give them a try.

Though it may not be important to you, I also want to pass along that the company founder is among the nicest, most caring and passionate individuals there is in the corporate world. I feel wonderful referring my friends, family and everyone else to them. They deserve your business!  Here is a case of the little guy doing the best work of all.

Year in, year out, theBoom bests competition. Why, oh why NOT use theBoom?

Why would anyone want to have to speak louder than as if the other person was across from you in a sealed room? Do away with having to speak any louder than this to be heard. It is much less fatiguing, especially if you have to do this all day long.

For those of you in your own business and who can benefit from theBoom in a call center or anywhere in your business, what are you waiting for?  For those of you who know of someone in need of theBoom, pass along the info or gift him or her the best hands free solution they probably never heard of!

Though I am sure to continue to try new BT headsets, in-car speakerphones, vehicles’ built-in Bluetooth, and to report, my personal choice is always to use a theBoom headset. Period.

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