Like most of you, I always thought that blue and yellow can of lubricant was what I should use on most stuck hinges, cantankerous locks, bolts and window glides that don’t glide and more.  Besides, it smells pretty good and it’s cheap.  Just a little drop or generous spray in the house, in the workshop, on bikes and around the car was all I thought I needed. Well, I was wrong.  What I learned is one of the best-kept secrets around.  It’s the great product with a strange name.  Read on.  It will be worth the effort.

Quite by accident, almost two years ago I was in a bike shop to purchase a new bicycle for my son.  Being the curious sort, I noticed a can of lubricant with a name I did not know.  The label read Boeshield T-9 from PMS Products of Holland, MI.  I asked if I could have a closer look.

Reading the label, I discovered it was developed by Boeing, the respected and trusted aircraft (and now spacecraft) manufacturer, so I thought it might be pretty good.  I asked the technician about this T-9.  He enthusiastically went on and on about how this product is just the best stuff to come along, EVER.  He told me he uses it exclusively on bike chains as a long-lasting and waterproof lubricant.  He told me he uses it on cables and seat posts and the handlebar posts and just about everywhere a lube could and should be used on a bike.  He even uses it, he said, on the $5,000 bikes he sells.  He said it dries with a waxy film and won’t attract more dirt and debris like the other products.  That seemed logical and important to me.  I wrote down some information from the label and determined that I would do some follow-up later. First, though, I bought a can of the spray.  Then, I called the company, PMS products for more information.

Boeing developed T-9 for long-term protection of aircraft.  Their research proved that none of the Teflon, silicone or synthetic sprays held up for long when exposed to a corrosive environment.  They engineered T-9 to penetrate deeply into fasteners and fixtures, displace moisture and attack existing corrosion, dry to a waxy film and lubricate and protect all metals for months, while being safe to use on paints, plastics and vinyls.  Sounded good to me!

The results of my own testing have been an eye-opening experience.  The first project was to put a little, tiny spritz on the door hinges in the master bathroom.  There was a squeak and the door did not operate as smoothly as I thought it should.  Almost instantly, the squeak was gone.  More importantly, the door began to almost close itself.

That’s right.  I opened the door all the way, let it go and it slowly started to close.  Exactly what was going on here?  What I discovered, thanks to T-9, was that the door was installed “out of plumb.”  In other words, the door was not installed properly.  After five years in the house, thanks for T-9, I discovered a building flaw!  T-9 did such a good job lubricating the hinges that is showed this imperfection.  Only after nearly a year did the door finally stop closing itself!  That’s powerful and long-lasting performance.

I use T-9 on door locks and hinges around the house, bicycle chains and shifters, garage door hinges and the chain for the electric opener, the wheels for my suitcases and wheeled carts, ladder hinges, electric switches, tools including saws, drill bits and anything with hinges, car door hinges and on the rubber the power windows travel along (this saves wear and tear to the motor), the power antenna, battery terminals, seat tracks, on the screws and hinges of all the landscape light heads outside.  Its long-lasting presence has proved itself time and again.

I have since learned that one of their T-9 customers relayed this personal use story.  It seems this customer has one of those outdoor weather stations with a weather vane that was supposed to turn in the breeze to indicate wind direction and send speed information to be shown on an electronic display.  It had stopped turning on its pivot point.  Just a couple of drops of T-9 are all it took according to this customer, and it’s still turning two years later.

T-9 has also proven itself to protect against rust.  Just spray it on and the item is protected for months.

All those other popular sprays and lubes, including the one with that yellow and blue label we all know, leave an oily film that attracts dirt and debris.  Their lubricating properties are short lived, to say the least.  That’s why their product needs to be reapplied so often.  They’re also messier.  So, even though that WD stuff seems less expensive, it doesn’t come close to lasting as long nor is it as effective as T-9. T-9 is much more cost effective and does a spectacularly superior job so it ends up being quite economical to use.

I think every household should have a can of the aerosol spray of T-9 and, if there is a bicycle in the family, a 4-oz. drip bottle, too.  It’ll go a long way.  Used sparingly, one can or bottle may last for a couple of years or more.

So, now the secret is out.  Spread the word.  Please!  I asked PMS Products, the marketers of T-9 why I don’t see T-9 everywhere or anywhere.  It’s really quite simple, and sad.  Those other companies are huge and with big advertising budgets.  They have the products consumers have been programmed to ask for at all those nationally known hardware and supply stores, so, if you were in charge of purchasing for those chains, what would YOU buy to stock on the shelves?  Would you choose a name everyone knows and recognizes and will sell itself, regardless of effectiveness?  Or would you choose a superior, seemingly more expensive, yet truly more economical to use product no one knows and you have to explain and work hard to sell?  It’s sad but true.

I want you to buy and use T-9 so you can see as I did just how great it really is, but you’ll have to work to find it.  I promise, though, it will be worth the effort.  Buy it for yourself.  Buy it for use in your company.

The four-oz. drip bottle sells for $6.95.  The four-oz. aerosol (no CFCs) sells for $6.95 and the 12-oz. aerosol (no CFCs) sells for $11.95.

You can certainly ask for it at bike shops, marine supply stores and gun shops, but I can’t promise you’ll find it.  Or, you could just call PMS Products at 1-800-962-1732 and buy directly from them.  Be sure to tell them Mr. Gadget sent you and they MIGHT offer special pricing to you!  It never hurts to ask.  You should also check them out on the Web HERE.  On the Home Page, go near the bottom and click on “LINKS to other Boeshield Related Web Sites” for names and links to some retailers.  In the meantime, start demanding it from the managers at the big, nationally known stores you visit and tell them why you won’t buy the other, better known products.  Maybe we can all make a difference and help the PMS Products company get this product in big chain stores where it belongs.

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