At the recent International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago I found so many cool, new appliances, cookware, sleep products and kitchen gadgets that I will be busy for quite some time to come.  Because countertop grilling is such a huge success, I thought I’d show you what I thought was the best of these new devices.

Just now coming to a store near you is the $70 T-Fal Fit ‘n Clean which caught my eye because of its unique design.  The Fit ‘n Clean comes apart for easy cleanup in the dishwasher or in a sudsy sink.

Competitive products are designed with removable cook plates.  These can go in the dishwasher.  The rest of the unit must be carefully washed and not immersed because the heating elements are exposed.  Anything spilling over the cook plates and into the area where the heating elements are located is difficult to clean, as is the rest of the assembly.  Eventually, these things can become quite dirty and a real mess.

With this new T-Fal product, the upper and lower electric units are removed with simple action, and then the upper and lower parts, with built-in non-stick plates, come apart simply by separating them.  The whole thing can go in the dishwasher or be immersed in water for cleaning.  It’s ingenious!

Once clean, the unit can store vertically and out of the way.

The Fit ‘n Clean can be used with one plate resting upon the other with the food in the middle or it can be opened up so each plate can be used as an open grill.  It can also be configured in a separated, parallel fashion, with the upper plate secured above the lower plate, such as when melting cheese atop a burger.

The removable drip pans collect all the fat and other liquids for easy disposal and healthier cooking.

This is such a simple, yet brilliant design and I could not wait to share it with you!  They’re going to sell tons of these, to be sure.

Whether cooking meat, chicken or fish, as well as veggies, the new T-Fal Fit ‘n Clean will be a welcome addition to your High Tech Home.  Look for it soon  at retailers near you!

More information is at or by calling 1-800-395-8325.

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