Whether from iPods, phones, camcorders or another device du jour, rechargeable SuperTooth Disco provides BIG sound-on-the-go that is sure to please.

Found online for under $110, I was pleasantly surprised with this sound bar’s performance.  Evaluating with everything from iPhone and iPod to plain old Bluetooth-equipped mobile phones onto which music had been loaded, man, oh, man, does this baby rock!  It also worked just fine with my desktop Mac Pro via BT.

There was not one points-off negative during this evaluation!

The only thing one must determine is if such a device is worth the investment.  Will it see enough use to justify the expense? In addition, one must determine if its size is a plus or a detractor.   It’s a rather large device, but so is the sound, a generous 8W per channel plus a built-in 12W subwoofer, for a total power rating of 28 watts RMS.  Width is about 12.4-inches.  Height is about 3.5-inches and depth is about 2.8-inches. SuperTooth DISCO tips the scale at about 2.5-pounds.

Use it wireless via BT for more control of compatible A2DP devices that include most modern BT-equipped products.  This compatibility allows track changing and forward/reverse within a track, plus Play/Pause control, just as if such control was local at the device itself.  There is NO microphone and this device may not be used as a BT speakerphone.  This is not a negative, though it is worthy of note.

Something like this should be simple to use, and it is. See the manual.

One might carry it around the home or office in order to play music from a laptop on which one is working. The same can be said were the music source any of the other devices mentioned.  I would not think to take this along on, say, a business trip as my portable speaker system in a hotel room or elsewhere on such a trip. You may feel differently.

Indoors at home or at the office, one might consider a less expensive, or more expensive, wall-powered device that lacks portability, of which there are numerous choices.  Also, in such circumstances, one might not need the audio punch of this SuperTooth DISCO.

Travelers and others who do not need or want a device of this size and power but who still want a powerful portable and personal stereo speaker for similar, even greater connectivity and even better sound would be wise to consider the quality and versatility of, say, foxL V2, a bit more pricey, starting at about $150 for the hard-wired model and $199 for the BT model that includes speakerphone capabilities. See my foxLV2 review.

Wherever, whenever refers to its portability – take it outdoors.  It can provide enough punch for a picnic, so long as other ambient sound is not overpowering. I took it along to a nearby park. I spied a child’s party going on and asked the parents if I might give it a try to see how it would be perceived among the group of about 30 children and other parents.  I set up on the grass about 15 feet from one of the five tables being used for this group.  I meandered all around, from near the SuperTooth DISCO to the farthest reaches of this gathering.  I’d have to give it a thumbs-up for this trial!  Everyone was impressed and sorry that I snatched it up and made my exit.

Its sound was too powerful and I did not take the time to test battery life at full volume, which is said to be three to four hours.  At medium volume, which I think is too much for near-field indoor use, battery life is rated at 10 hours.  Lessen the volume to increase battery life per charge, of course.  Standby is rated at 1500 hours, but why would anyone leave the unit on when not in use?

Kudos, too, for the smooth and high-end feel to the product’s volume control.  Volume adjustment is precise. I like the ramp-up and ramp-down when the bog volume knob is activated, following ever so slightly the motion of the knob.

Supplied with a snug-fitting neoprene case, this, too is smart.  A hook & loop closure on the back flap reveals DC charging port, charge indicator and audio line in jack (wire supplied). Yes, it may also be hard wired to anything with a standard mini-plug.  Also on the back is a circular, dressed hole with a screen across it that is over the bass port.

The entire length of the front features a full-flap hook & loop closure enabling the unit to remain in its somewhat protective cocoon while in use. Simply flip the flap down, under and out of the way.  The right side of the case includes an elastic carry strap, providing an easy way to grab and go.

Batteries are of the Nickel Metal Hydride variety.  It appears they are not intended to be changed by the user. I would have preferred power to be supplied by better, lighter weight, typically longer lasting Lithium Ion batteries, but this would undoubtedly add to cost.  I also would have preferred that the batteries be user-serviceable.  No points off for these, but I wish it was different.

Clarity is excellent, though not of crisp, audiophile quality.  This is not a negative, as the purpose of the product I see as one of portability with powerful amplification.  The sound is plenty fine, however, and I doubt that anyone would object to the quality.  As maximum volume is approached, sound becomes a bit muddy, but not bad.  I do not know if there is circuitry (as on other products in this genre) that maintains high sound quality as the batteries become depleted, though, at this price, I doubt it. Such capability drops output power to a level that will not allow sound to distort as less power becomes available.

The supplied power adapter is capable of 100-240V, making it acceptable for world use with the appropriate plug adapter for the country in which it is to be operated. A voltage adapter is, therefore, not needed.

The Mr. Gadget® bottom line:  For the purpose for which I believe it is intended, SuperTooth DISCO is highly recommended.  If you want and need group-size AND personal portable Bluetooth AND wired sound, get SuperTooth DISCO without hesitation. Think personal use! Think gift, whether for mom, dad or student!

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