Netflix and Blockbuster online – The two mainstays of online DVD rental.  What’s the diff?

I have used them both (I am still a satisfied Netflix subscriber), often looking for the same movie, just to see if there are any differences in what is available.  Both vendors now also have a growing availability of Blu-ray titles!  I have to give the nod to Netflix when it comes to depth and total number of available titles.  I also think the Netflix Website is better and easier to navigate, as well as being more informative.  It’s better, I think, for movie buffs at Netflix.  And there are more than theatrical and direct-to-DVD movies at both.  Look for documentaries and music videos, too. Both have flexible, unlimited rate plans that start as low as about $9 for one DVD at a time, two per month, and or more money, up to three or four out at a time and unlimited rentals as fast as you can watch them turn them around for the next one.

Read about Netflix and Blockbuster plans.  Both send the DVDs in pre-paid return mailers. Depending upon where in the US you live relative to the nearest distribution center, both may be capable of getting an order delivered to its destination in one business day. In my experience, Netflix is usually a day faster.  Beyond what you’ve already read here, there may be a functional advantage to Blockbuster if the member lives near a Blockbuster store. Although the idea of these services is to avoid a trip to the video store in the first place (in addition to the no late fees policy), Blockbuster online members can take their already viewed DVD in its sealed return mailer to the store to instantly exchange it for another movie, though that one must also be returned to the store from which it is received.  In addition, Blockbuster online members receive two coupons per month through their online account that can be printed and redeemed in the store for DVD movie or video game rentals, and, of course, those must also be returned to the store.

You decide, but whichever makes the most sense for your recipient, a gift subscription is always a welcome gift for anyone; from students at home or away at school, to elderly relatives or friends, and everyone in between.  Give a month or more, or just keep giving forever.  Netflix members can also take advantage of other ways, at no additional cost, to enjoy movies.  Watch Netflix streaming online on Macs and Windows PCs and also watch using devices by Roku, Netgear, Western Digital, TiVo HD products as well as through Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, smart phones, tablets and more.  A growing number of new TVs also have built-in apps including Netflix and other services.

Newer to the movie rental game is Amazon.  Computers and many of these same devices can also stream Amazon Instant Video! Amazon Prime members may stream many movies without charge.  Are you seeing the trend?  All we need is more bandwidth allowing a better streaming experience and packaged media (DVDs) will become less and less relevant.  Convenience trumps many other considerations. Just click and start enjoying immediately.

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