Steve Kruschen, “Mr. Gadget®”

Millions of consumers know Steve Kruschen, “The One and Only Mr. Gadget®, thanks to thousands of appearances on television and radio shows across the US.

For well over two decades, Steve Kruschen has been investigating, testing, demonstrating, and reporting on consumer technology including computers and other electronic products, housewares, hardware, auto tech, gadgets, and a wide range of new technology. Audiences have come to rely upon his expert advice and consumer-oriented approach. Answering the needs of consumers, Steve Kruschen is their trusted evaluator of electronic products and technology.

Steve Kruschen demystifies consumer electronics by introducing his audiences to a never-ending supply of new products and technology, plus providing the latest in consumer technology news, reviews, and evaluations.

The ultimate consumer, “Mr. Gadget” checks out products in a real world, hands-on environment — just the way an average consumer would. Steve reports his findings and returns the product to the manufacturer from whence it came without having to buy it. Mr. Gadget is the guy who tries it out for consumers before they buy it!

What products and technology does Steve Kruschen evaluate? If it is of wide consumer interest, Steve is also interested!  His watchful eye and tastes are eclectic.  From phones to video and audio, to kitchen essentials, more  housewares and hardware, to whatever it is that grabs his interest and that he feels will be of benefit and interest to his TV and radio audience, and other followers.

“While the products I evaluate seem complex to many people, my goals are quite simple,” says Steve Kruschen. “I want to help consumers say things like: ‘Oh, I get it now;’ ‘That makes sense;’ ‘I didn’t know that;’ ‘Now I understand it better;’ ‘That’s a neat product;’ or maybe even, ‘No, I don’t really want something like that after all.’ “
To introduce consumers to compelling products and technology, manufacturers often call upon Steve Kruschen to appear as a spokesperson on national media tours.

As a speaker on the corporate lecture circuit, Steve Kruschen reveals to business executives how to avoid being a “techno-idiot” when dealing with today’s technology oriented consumers. The Consumer Technology Revolution is well underway and Steve Kruschen is telling corporate decision makers how to avoid its pitfalls and succeed in this new marketing era.

And now, as an author, with his first effort called XXXXX, Mr. Gadget® has laid it all down on paper and through digital electronic files for consumers to discover new and interesting products and technologies to make their lives richer, more fun and fulfilling.  He both advises on what to get, and why, as well as how to avoid costly mistakes or omissions when it comes to everyday technology. Of particular note is that the book focuses on products and technologies that endure, that don’t change, and do not require replacement with alarming regularity.  This is yet another way he encourages consumers toward value and useful products that otherwise would be missed.  He spells it all out in detail, with a compelling personal tale accompanying every piece of advice.

“Like so many others, I’m fascinated by the always changing modern technology,” Steve says. “But, there’s a big difference. I’ve pursued my interest as a full time effort. Most people work at ‘real jobs’ and play with toys in their spare time. For me, playing with toys is my profession.”

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