Plug it in, press the button and the new SRS iWOW Adapter, currently $80 online, makes your iPod explode with sound you never knew was there.

Well, maybe the sound really isn’t there, but it sure seems better sounding.  The adapter and its internals use SRS Labs’ technology to expand the apparent sound stage, making it wider and bigger, as well as delivering richer high and low frequency sounds.  It’s all smoke and mirrors using the science of psychoacoustics.  In other words, they’re messing with your head, in a nice way, I assure you.  Whatever it is they do to you is very pleasant, indeed.

I’ve tried it with several of my own earphones/headphones.  Some earbuds that are already heavy on bass effect are hit hard by the adapter, making the added bass from the adapter, in my view, over the top and unpleasant, unless you are a nut case for bass.  I’ve also noticed that switching it on magnifies any negative artifacts that may exist in the source material.  For example, on some of my old recordings that have some degree of hiss, the adapter brings up the hiss to a more noticeable level.  Not a good thing.

Overall, however, on recordings that are from the outset quite good, the adapter makes them sound better, as would be expected.  Crisper, more head-filling and more pleasing sound. Simple and effective.  With just one simple push-button switch to turn on and off the SRS technology, and + and – buttons to control volume, the gadget could not be easier to use.

It plugs into the bottom of any dockable iPod.  Then, the headphones plug into the bottom of the adapter. That’s it.  I noticed negligible effect on the host iPods’ battery life, too.

On most of my source material, I just leave it on.  Using the basic Apple earbuds, the adapter makes them sound much better.  With my premium earbuds from Shure, Etymotic and others, and using Bose and other noise cancelling earphones, it’s a definite plus with source material as noted above.

The worst example experienced as indicated above was with iHarmonix Platinum i-Series:  These are already over-the-top bass-heavy, a good thing for those who like to get their inner head pounded.  With SRS iWOW added, those lows are unacceptable in my opinion.  Not bad phones, just not a good match for anyone interested in the iWOW Adapter for iPod.

I’ve been a fan and supporter of SRS Labs technology and products for many, many years and this new device does not disappoint.

My recommendation is this.  With earbuds in the under-but-close-to-$100 range (online price), such as the excellent Etymotic ER6i, the addition of this little gadget will make the enjoyment of your listening experience a richer, better outing.  What it does for the better, truly premium earphones and earbuds will blow you away.  It’s well worth the asking price.

In addition to this little goody, you will also like the company’s new SRS iWOW Premium for iTunes – Mac and PC – for only $40 to download.  The speakers on your computer or sound through plugged-in earphones will come alive as never before.  This iTunes plugin offers greater customization plus presets for a not-to-be-missed experience.  Anything played through iTunes is improved, including videos, whether you are using crappy little laptop internal speakers or nice external computer speakers.  This, friends, is a truly WOW experience, and only $40.  It’s a must-have in my world and you, too, should not miss the opportunity to get it.  Not sure?  Download and use the 14-day trial link.  You WILL be hooked.

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