Doors are already open to the conference portion of this HUGE trade show, which promises to be even larger than originally planned.  There’s big buzz and the air is filled with genuine excitement.

First of all, get there if you can.  If you’re on the Net, especially if you want to do business on the Net, or even if you’re an interested spectator, get there.  Sure, there are exhibits, tons of them, but there are also seminars and special events.  I won’t go into it all here, because I really want you to go to the show site and see it all there.  Do it now, please, then come on back to see just a few of the great finds to see at Spring Internet World 2000.  I’ll have a first look EVER of one of them, right here.  Click HERE to go to the Spring Internet World 2000 Website.

• makes your digital photos worthy of paper! Finally, there’s a good reason to buy a digital camera.  Sure, inkjet printers can crank out prints from digital photos, and they can look pretty good.  Photo paper and ink are fairly expensive, and no matter what they’ve done so far, manufacturers just can’t deliver true 35-mm photographic quality prints from your digital photos.  Close, but no cigar.  The answer has arrived.

Designed from the ground up for digital camera users, makes it simple for digital camera users to upload digital image files and order 35-mm quality photographic prints mailed directly to anyone.  I’m impressed because Shutterfly owns the processing equipment so quality is assured.  They even optimize the prints by making adjustments that are appropriate to the kind of camera that took the photos in the first place.  Enlargements are available, too, with the same ease.

Photos can be stored on the Shutterfly service for free in secure, private photo albums.

Even standard 640 x 480 images can produce stunning 4 x 6 prints.  Higher resolution images can product amazingly crisp images as large as 8 x 10.  I’ve seen them, and it’s for real.

What impressed me the most with over any competitive services is the control they have over the entire process.  No other service I’ve seen can offer the precision, quality and quick turnaround that Shutterfly can.

Print prices start at a very reasonable 49¢ each for 4 x 6, 99¢ for 5 x 7 and $2.99 for 8 x 10s, with no processing fee.  Personal messages may be added to the back of the photos so you can easily keep track of the special nature of each group with the time, date and occasion, or whatever you want to say.

Check them out and see what I mean.  Click HERE to visit  While you’re there, click on the word “DEMO” to try their interactive demo (very cool!).  Let me know how YOU like this service, please.

•  MusicMatch, at is the jukebox software that lets you record, get, organize and play digital music. Internet music (MP3) is HUGE and getting bigger.  Isn’t it time YOU checked it out?

MusicMatch Jukebox is the free, standard version of the software. It gives you FREE CD-quality MP3 recording-automatically. It also gives you unlimited use of the player, CD burning, the music library, Net Music, the Net Radio tuner and more.  Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Download the software to your PC (Mac version promised in the near future).  Once installed, it immediately goes to work cataloging the existing music on your PC.  The included player can be used with all your music from then on.  You can even use the software to directly record your own CDs (provided you have a compatible CD burner attached to your PC).

You can also record your favorite CDs right into your PC (using the built-in CD player), and then include them in your MusicMatch catalog for playback just like your MP3s.

I really like the Net Music area.  In it, there’s a list of radio stations, by category, from all over the world.  Tuning in via the Net is just a click away. is a wonderful site with great software that’s powerful and easy to use.  I like all that power and simplicity, and you will, too.  What are you waiting for?  The best, most honest review I know of is by fellow gadget and technology lover, Walt Mossberg, at the Wall Street Journal.   Read what Walt had to say about MusicMatch HERE.  Check it out for yourself HERE.  You won’t be sorry.  Others continue to try, but I still like this solution the best of all I’ve tried.

•  Here’s your first look, EVER, at what I think is the coolest new way to get your postage via the Internet.  It’s brand new, called Simply Postage PROmail from a company you probably don’t know – Neopost.  For the record, Neopost is the world’s second largest mailroom equipment provider.  Check them out HERE.

Among all competitors, only Neopost and the brand new, first reported here Simply Postage PROmail:

1) Gives you a 24 hours a day/7 days a week Post Office on your desktop. Postage whenever you need it.

2) Saves customers valuable time and money.

3) Is designed for the small office/home office.

4) With a 4 lb. integrated scale, allows customers to accurately weigh packages or envelopes, and print self-adhesive stamps.

5) Has 1st Class, Express, Priority, and International mail capabilities.

6) Has a highly secure postage dispenser and is the only digital postage solution compatible with both the PC and Macintosh.

Unlike others, you can weigh your small packages and letters and print postage at any time, without connection to the computer and without being online.  What’s more, printing postage is just that, printing adhesive-backed stamps.  Others require the user to include complete mailing information for the letter or parcel for each and every stamp.  What if you want to send a check in the provided, pre-addressed envelope we all get with many of our bills?  Only Neopost and Simply Postage PROmail allows you to do what we all want to do, just print the stupid stamp and be done with it.  Now, you’re catching on!

It’s this kind of simplicity that led me to choose Neopost as one of the companies with the most useful and innovative products at Spring Internet World 2000.

The integrated scale and printer connect to the computer to download postage and to get more postage when needed.  Otherwise, print stamps and just stamps whenever you want, without connection to the computer, the Internet, and without even needing for your computer to be on.

Pricing is simple, too.  The price of Simply Postage PROmail is $14.95 a month.  It’s a leased product from Neopost Online.  First month membership is FREE and members get $50 worth of free postage after signup.  There are no additional fees of any kind for the equipment.  All you pay is for the actual postage used.  Period.  Use a little, use a lot.  No extra fees.  Isn’t this a great idea?

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