SO many excellent, must-have kitchen essentials come from Zyliss, I hardly know where to begin! Here is but a small sample of excellence from this one company. Be sure to explore for more, confident that all are of the highest quality.  You know I’d never steer you wrong!

The best cooking tongs I’ve ever used are from Zyliss – Cook ‘n Serve Tongs, $15.  With an ergonomic thumb-activated side-lock, silicone grippers and a top hook hole, these are just about perfect; in the kitchen for cooking, food prep and serving and on the grill.  It gets no simpler nor better than these.  In grey, green and red.  Amazon has them!

 The best and my favorite pizza cutter is also from Zyliss – Pizza Wheel, $10.  Perfect, easy-to-use every time. Cleanup is also simple. The halves of the plastic handle separate and the cutting wheel snaps out for cleaning.  It goes back together just as easily. Mine is white, but it’s in red and possibly other colors, too.  Also slices brownies, cakes and other delectables.  Dishwasher safe! From Amazon.

Zyliss Mix-n-Measure nesting measuring cups and lid, $20, is another favorite and the only measuring cups in Gadget Central kitchens. From Amazon.

Zyliss Gourmet Shears are inexpensive, $20, come apart easily for cleaning, and are spring loaded with a lock and they are reasonably sharp.  They are a good kitchen tool for cutting herbs, dough, veggies and more, with little effort. I also find it easy to use mine for cutting up a chicken.  I often grill whole chickens, first using these shears to cut on either side of the spine, cutting out the support that holds the chicken as whole. This allows the chicken to lay out flat on the grill.  With a liberal dusting of my favorite Santa Maria Barbecue Salt, that’s all I need for great taste and raves from family and friends who love my chicken on the Char-Broil Quantum Infrared four-burner Commercial Series grill!  When they become dull, I’ll toss them and buy another!  Amazon’s got ’em. 

 My favorite ice cream scoop is by Zyliss, $10. Available in green and white, every kitchen needs one of these! From Amazon.

Our favorite corn holders that nest together when not in use so no one gets stuck are also from Zyliss, $5.  From Amazon.

 Favorite silicone spatulas used almost daily are from Zyliss.  Their Silicone Spatula in red and orange, $8, (Amazon) has a flat front with one side flat and the other rounded at the front.  The other is their Stir-Fry Spatula, $9, (Amazon) with a slightly angled front, and it is used for almost everything where a spatula is needed with non-stick cookware.  All are perfectly produced with the feel of quality, and performance to match their good looks.  These are truly indispensable.


The baster I’ve found to be a favorite is, no surprise, from Zyliss, $13. It is well designed, with removable tips to both inject and baste, and it comes with a brush for easy cleaning.  The bulb is silicone, too, and the whole thing stores easily with the brush inside. There is a built-in foot to keep it from rolling on the counter and to keep the bulb slightly elevated.  Smart! From Amazon.


Zyliss, as can be seen, is a company with many outstanding products to recommend, and these are but a few of my favorites.  Please explore the other products you will see on the company Website and buy with confidence. See their Silicone Spreader, Sauce Whisk, Silicone Basting Brushes, Spoons and Turners, and so much more.  They deserve your patronage.  Many of their products are carried at Bed Bath & Beyond, but shop online at, too, where you will likely save big when purchasing multiple items at the same time with free shipping and, perhaps, depending upon where you are, NO TAX!

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