Cruising the aisles at last month’s International Home and Housewares Show, here’s another find.  Stay with me.  If you love real bacon, you’re going to want this!

Bacon in a pan is so yesterday and so messy, and so full of unnecessary fat.  Don’t you make it in the microwave oven?  Don’t you hate the mess with all those paper towels?  Well, fahgetaboutit.  Get the new WowBacon Microwave Cooker, try it and you’ll be convinced.  Mine arrived today, and I was ready to use it.


It’s as simple and smartly designed as possible. What’s wrong with the old way?  You know, lining a long microwave-safe plate with a few layers of paper towels, laying out the strips of bacon, then covering it all with more layers of paper towels.  You know how the microwave oven stinks.  You know how the outer edges of the bacon cook so well and the innermost of it does not.

With the WowBacon Microwave Cooker, the bacon cooks evenly, completely, with little of the odor and without any paper towels.  The grease falls to the bottom of the cooker “bucket” from which it can be poured into a vessel or on just a few paper towels, and then disposed of in the trash (NEVER in the garbage disposal or otherwise down the sink drain).

There are three plastic pieces that separate for cleaning and easily assemble – the lid, the “rack” and the bucket.  Pork bacon strips are evenly placed over the vanes on the rack with only slight or no overlap.  The rack is assembles into the lid, lining it up to see proper placement that assures it will stay together.


Then, the top is lowered into the bucket and the locking arms set in place.  Into the microwave oven (the assembly fits most standard microwave ovens but it may be tilted if necessary.


The bacon broils in the microwave oven beautifully, according to the way you like it.  The mess is contained on the bottom of the bucket.  All that grease falls away from the bacon strips, so it is not only crispy, but dare I say, healthier?  Delicious bacon, no mess, and cleanup is easy in the sink and even easier in the dishwasher.

Just follow the instructions and don’t overcook. Read their FAQ list before purchase.

Simple, works perfectly well when following directions.  Made in the USA.  Watch it on YouTube.

I tried their advice, buying nice, thick sliced bacon, the cheapest I could find, as well as some other more upscale thick-sliced bacon smoked bacon for added flavor.  Mmmm, both were just wonderful.  Find the sales!  Forget about that too expensive pre-cooked, thin-sliced bacon.  Now, you can easily cook the good, thick bacon that is rather inexpensive when on sale for much less than pre-cooked bacon.

Buy it online for $20 plus $6 S&H for one, or $35 plus $6 S&H for two (Get two and share the expense!  Also from Amazon, for ONE or the TWO-Pack.

Try it for their 30-day MBG period.  If you don’t like it, you may return it according to instructions packed with the product.  However, if, as I expect, your experience is as mine, you’ll keep it and use it frequently.

Questions?  Email the maker at [email protected]

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