Another company with useful must-have reliable and unique products for the kitchen, Microthin produces Magic Slice, thin and bendable non-slip cutting boards with non-slip bottom, non-stick top surface; and Magic Dough, thin and bendable pastry mats useful to anyone who bakes.

Starting with the Magic Slice cutting boards, you will see a wide variety of sizes, patterns, colors and designs, including some with the look of fine art.  How handy would it be to have such a surface on which to cut and then bend to off load the contents into a bowl?  Perfect for veggies and salad prep!  Really useful products, right?  They are long lasting and durable and, with care, will last and last.  Buy in bundles to share!  Look at all the patterns and designs and choose what makes you feel good. Obviously, great as gifts, too.  Go ahead and try them. You’ll like them!  Magic Slice comes in sizes starting at about 5 inches x 7 inches, priced from about $8.  Look to the right of the Website home page and click the link to see them in action. The Magic Dough Pastry Mat (best-priced from is also useful and unique. There are round, measured guides in different sizes for making tortillas, pie or tart crusts.  There are useful English and Metric measures along the right and left sides.  The top surface easily releases dough AND the product has antibacterial properties built in!  Again, useful and unique, every one. See the other useful ideas they have for this material on their Website.

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