Funny name for innovative, excellent-performing and unique products I’ll bet you don’t know about but should.  FoldTuk produces unusual and useful, unique foldable, collapsible silicone and ceramic bakeware like no one else’s.  Read more here.

First of all, each piece collapses for easy storage.  Its unique composition allows it to be used  “in conventional, convection, infrared, and microwave ovens due to its Green and petroleum free Ceramber material that is much more than silicone. It is airtight, stackable, dishwasher safe, and naturally nonstick (No non-stick coating applied), making it your most functional bakeware and cold storage container.” See, like no other!  I know the words in quotes from the company might read like copy for an infomercial, but the words are true, as proven by my own hands-on testing.

Bake in the oven up to 500º, cook in the microwave, serve in FoldTuk and then pack leftovers in the fridge or freezer in the same FoldTuk pieces in which the food was cooked.  Then do the easy cleanup, collapse it, nest other pieces and store them all away in less space than with breakable products.  Their Collapsible Roaster is spectacular in its design and functionality.  You’ll “get it” when you read about it.  Roast a chicken or two or medium turkey under the dome, with succulent, juicy results and NO outside-the-pan mess.  Collapse the base and use it as a serving tray.  Clean-up is easy, too.

Links to online pricing follow:  Six-cup Rectangular red, blue.  Nineteen-inch Collapsible Roaster. Six-cup Oval in red, orange, black, blue.  Four-cup Square in red, orange.  Six-cup Square in black, orange, red, blue.  Six-cup Round in red, black, orange, blueYou’ll want these products AND I am supremely confident you will love them and that they will last and last!  Priced from about $16-26, except for the Roaster, priced at about $80.


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