There is a cutlery revolution happening quietly right now.  Top suppliers, such as the legendary German maker, Wusthof, are presenting their new products, looking like the old, time-tested, traditional designs, but with an important difference.  Instead of sharpening and honing to the customary European 20° beveled angle per side, Wusthof and others are changing to a steeper, traditional Japanese-style angle of 15°. The consumer gets a demonstrably sharper, keener edge that lasts just as long as the old style.  While this is great news (who wouldn’t want an even sharper knife?) this new, keener edge requires a different sharpening procedure.  Fortunately the company I have relied upon and recommended for more than 20 years, Edgecraft has already created the perfect sharpener for this new angle.

The Chef’sChoice model XV15), on the market for a couple of years, sharpens any non-serrated knife to this new-to-America 15° angle.  Now, consumers can easily do-it-themselves to keep the new 15°-angle knives razor sharp, and we can convert existing knives to the new edge.  Yes, you can shave with the precise Trizor® edge the Chef’sChoice creates with its diamond cutters and precision rotary strop that are the gentlest yet most effective on the blades.  This product should last more than 20 years and will save consumers hundreds of dollars over its lifetime by allowing them to do it themselves instead of paying for professional knife sharpening. There is NO sharper, longer-lasting edge possible than with this sharpener! In addition, having an XV15 at home means consumers can maintain all knives with this best razor edge all the time, conveniently and easily.  A sharp knife is also a safer knife!  You just cannot make a mistake with this sharpener.  It’s a great gift, as well. I’ve converted all my existing knives!

 There is so much more from Chef’sChoice!  This is a company of great product depth, and all of it is best-of-the-best.  If you are looking to save money in big families, consider your own electric slicer.  Buy cheese and meat in bulk and slice and re-pack it yourself.  OR, use the slicer as pure convenience for daily use and parties.  Nothing mows though slicing jobs on cheeses and meats like one of these.  You’ve seen them in the deli, and you can get one for the home.  Use one of Chef’sChoice electric slicers for the job.

Their knives and other products are also perfect gifts for weddings and for anyone who moves into new digs or who is finally getting the knives they’ve always wanted.  However, I’ll bet you never knew of this cutlery brand.  They are premium products costing no more, likely less than the German makers.  Remember, they are going to last more than your lifetime!  These other goodies will include such top-quality Chef’sChoice standout products as their fabulous waffle maker, Belgian waffle maker, egg cooker, cordless teakettle, French press coffee maker and so much more you never knew about from such an excellent company.  I am certain most of you had never heard of Chef’sChoice before the name was presented here.  I am equally certain you will not be disappointed with anything purchased from this company.  They are a US company like no other in its field. Everything they make is unique, simply wonderful and highly recommended.  Explore the manufacturer’s Website and know that no one returns a Chef’sChoice product because they’re made for keepsThey are all that good.  Can you detect my genuine fondness for this company? It’s true. I’ve been a huge fan for more than 20 years and know them well.  They’re all so nice!

Typically, shop with for best prices.

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