Finally, there is a pillow speaker that sounds great. The new SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker from C. Crane Company really works!

I was skeptical, I admit.  What would I do with one of these and  why would I need one?  But, Mrs. Gadget and I like to listen to different radio stations at different times while in bed.  I certainly don’t want to disturb her if I’m up late (or early), so I like to keep the radio very low, but it’s often difficult to hear it when the volume is that low. Not any more.  The new SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker from C. Crane with its soft, super plush washable cover and the 6 1/2-foot cord has solved that dilemma.  Now, I plug in the speaker and place it under my pillow,  With my head on the pillow, I can hear the sound perfectly, but several inches away, there is little to no sound..  The Pillow Speaker is so soft I can lay my head directly on it without discomfort.

The speaker element is a Neodymium-Ferrous-Boron (Rare Earth Magnet), the same type used in leading small headphones with big sound and has a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

I thought I’d rip it out of the radio in my sleep.  This has not happened.  I thought it would get in the way as I slept.  This has not happened.  What has happened is that I go to sleep almost every night with this new little speaker and Mrs.. Gadget is never disturbed by my radio.  Oh, I still bug her, but that’s another story!

I was worried that, with something plugged into the earphone jack on my bedside radio, the alarm sound would be directed through the jack and not to the big speaker.  I shouldn’t have worried, because the radio designers thought of that.  It’s a feature I never appreciated until now, and it’s a built-in feature on my bedside radio, the best AM/FM/TV audio/Weather Band with Weather Alert radio on the planet, coincidentally, exclusively from the C. Crane Company.  It’s the CC Radio, previously reported on HERE.   This remarkable SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker can be ordered for $19.95 exclusively from the C. Crane Company HERE.  You may also call them at 1-800-522-8863.  They’re my favorite catalog retailer of great goodies ‘n gadgets.

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