No matter how strong you are, you’ve undoubtedly struggled with (and maybe cursed at) those tightly sealed vacuum jar lids. You know the ones. They come on everything from baby food jars to pickles, pasta sauce and your favorite jams and jellies. Yes, THOSE jars!

Well, struggle and stress no more with this really simple and inexpensive product, the JarPop, from Spring Mill Corporation.  While there, have a look at the other interesting kitchen gadgets!  JarPop looks like it is built to last a lifetime

So what if JarPop is not the newest or sexiest gadget on the planet.  It works.  It’s useful.  It WiLL get used!  It’s not just for “old people” either.  I give them as gifts to everyone moving into their new apartment or house, from college students to seniors, and to all my friends who don’t yet have one.  Everyone loves their JarPop.  It’s just that simple.

There is no twisting required. The jar lids stay resealable. Why struggle when you don’t have to do so? JarPop should be in the kitchen drawer of every household. Really. I mean it. JarPop is one of my all-time favorite gadgets! It is as simple and ingenious as it gets. According to Spring Mill Corporation, a hospital in Texas has purchased dozens of JarPops to give to patients in stress reduction classes.

Available in lots of colors, JarPop sells for around $4 – 8.  Buy online from Spring Mill Corporation for under $8, including shipping, with better pricing for larger quantities.  JarPop makes a great gift that will be used.  Or email them to find a local retailer, or just call them at (610) 642-1800.

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