Simple to set up, simple to use is just the way I like things, and that is what you get with the new $80 (list price, but see below) SanDisk Digital Photo Viewer (take the online interactive tour). NO computer is needed.

With built-in slots for al the popular media – CompactFlash, SmartMedia, MultiMediaCard, SD and MemoryStick – and smaller than a VHS tape, the “box” takes up so little space, it might just be a good idea to leave it connected to the TV so it’s always ready.  It can also be connected to most video projectors.

The included remote control means we couch potatoes will love it.  We can use the preview mode to review multiple photos, and also delete, rotate and zoom in on any of the photos.  Also, it can display the photos in a slide show, with delays set anywhere from 0 to 60 seconds.  I just sit back, relax and watch my photos with my family and friends.  The DPV weighs next to nothing, so it’s easy to take to any room or to friend or relative’s home to show my photos.

The bigger the TV screen, the bigger the photo.

The viewer supports JPEG files (what your digital camera uses) up to six megapixels.  Most consumer cameras are in the 2.1 – 5 MP range with only a very few now at 6 MP.

The display offers choices from among multiple languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese).  The DPV also switches between NTSC and PAL formats for coverage on most of the world’s TV systems.

The product comes with simple manual, batteries for the remote, composite video cable with RCA jacks and an S-Video cable, as well as a power supply.  I appreciate the generous, 12-foot length of those video cables, too.

I’ve tested it. It really is easy to use. Before getting the SanDisk DPV, I always connected the cameras to the TV.  No more.  This is easier, more versatile, and with the remote control, it becomes a no-brainer.

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