I just love attending the Housewares Show in Chicago every year at this time. Among the many cool items I’ll be covering in the weeks ahead, here are a couple of cute silicone kitchen essentials – the $7 Get-it Finger Guard (from Amazon) and $10 Get-it Pot Holder (from Amazon), both from iSi, best known for their soda siphons (from Amazon) and cream whippers (from Amazon).

The Get-it Finger Guard is designed after that old four-finger fortune-telling game we played as kids wherein we folded paper with the result that there would be four places into which we could put a thumb and index finger from each hand. On the inside surfaces we would put “YES” and “NO” on alternating surfaces so that there would be four of each showing depending upon how we opened and closed our fingers.  Well, if you played the game and see the photo below, you know what I mean. For the rest of you, don’t bother.

Here’s how it looks in use.

Use it as a pot holder, to grab an egg as above or a potato from the oven, or for whatever you wish, and let the kids have fun with them playing their games, too

The Get-it Pot Holder is similarly clever.

On one side it is flat – the gripping side.  That protuberance you see is designed for gripping, to go between the a couple of fingers, like this . . .


Then fold it use it to grip a pot, oven rack or whatever. This one is made of high-grade silicone and can take the abuse.  The Finger Guard is not made from virgin silicone, but it still should work well for a good long while.

Oh, and that top of the “protuberance” that looks as if it is concave?  Well, it is concave, so the entire pot holder will stick to any slick, even surface, such as the front of your oven.  Notice there is also a hangar hole for convenience.

Both products can withstand temps to 600º and both are washable however you wish, including throwing them in the dishwasher.

The company’s Flex~It Flexible Silicone Bowls also make so much sense!  Silicone scrapers are perfect kitchen tools you’ll use again and again.  Very smart!  On that same page are high-quality cooking tongs that come apart for easy and thorough cleaning.  They were a hit in the Housewares Show demo.  Unique and useful spatula designs you’ll like are on this page.  You’ll also like their spoon spatulas.  But wait, there’s MORE!  See innovative potholders, tongs and the incomparable Grip It, and still more innovations in kitchen utensils and grilling gadgets.  Buy from the iSi store online or Amazon.

Mrs. Gadget and I thought these were fun and clever at the show.

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