Shopping in Cyberspace has its advantages, like the ability to shop in your underwear!  But one disadvantage has been the lack of qualified and personalized help like you’re used to getting at your local retailer. is changing all that with Instant Messaging with a trained helper available in real time on their Website.Whether you’re looking for consumer electronics, home entertainment products, movies or music, it’s all there at

With Father’s Day in mind, I went to their Website and clicked on the Father’s Day button at the top left of the home page.  Then, I scrolled down to find this cool new Sony desktop audio system, the CMTEX1, for only $299.95.

Impressive is the length to which will go to satisfy a customer. offers side-by-side comparisons of similar products. I clicked the compare button on the page with the CMTEX1 and brought up a list of several other products.  (Play right along with me, if you wish.)  I then checked off the other products I was interested in comparing to the Sony.  Then, at the bottom of the check boxes, I clicked the COMPARE button and that brought up the vertical grid of all the products, comparing all the features so neatly and succinctly.  I really like this feature.

I also like that Instant Messaging feature.  Visitors can Instant Message a live product expert for answers to just about any product question.  This live, online help is very reassuring.  Once you establish an account (and this does NOT mean spending any money), you have access to their experts, one on one. Got a question, just ask, and get an answer instantly. Click and you’re there.

Their selection is large, so you can make your choice based on several available products within each produce category. makes it easy and painless to shop.  There are loads of articles on topical information that are only a click away.  Warranty information?  Hookup tips for your equipment?  It’s all just a click or a phone call away.  All in all, is a great place to shop and buy.

Now, that said, be sure to check out what I chose as a great Father’s Day gift (for me!)  and be sure to read the specs as I did.  It’s one of the many choices you’ll find if you click on the Father’s Day button at the top of their home page.  (If you’re reading this and it’s not near Father’s Day, you’ll see other seasonal special grouping of products highlighted on the Home Page.)

I think you’ll agree that the cool, vertical front-loading CD player and slim design make this system a winner before ever turning it on.  Now, I can tell you from my own experience with this little audio powerhouse that the sound is excellent and so is its functionality.  It’s easy to use and produces crisp, clean, wondrous sound that makes the unit seem much larger than its size.

This little Sony “micro system” is a perfect complement to Dad’s desktop or anywhere where space is at a premium.

Do something nice for your dad this Father’s Day!  Visit and check it out as I have.  I think you’ll like the feeling you get shopping and buying from them.  Nothing is left to chance.  And I know your dad will like the new Sony CMTEX1 (or other fine gift) you get for him from  They guarantee your satisfaction, so you have nothing to lose.  And if you’re STILL stuck for a gift for that finicky dad, can do a gift certificate so you can let dad choose his own gift.

For any questions about, please call 1-800-327-5815.

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