I’ve been a fan of Chef’s Choice products from Edgecraft Corporation ever since my first exposure to their Model 110 Knife Sharpener in 1989.  I’m still a fan and discovered what’s new at last month’s International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago.

It is safe to say that there is a Chef’s Choice sharpener for every need, for every taste. Simply the best is an understatement!  New at this year’s show is a two-fer, an electric sharpener that does double-duty sharpening traditional American- and European-style knives at their 20º angle AND the popular Japanese-style cutlery at their 15º double-bevel angle.  The $170 Model 1520 Sharpener is the company’s most versatile sharpening device to date.  It should last a lifetime, too!

As with all their electric sharpeners, precise guides position the blade at the proper angle when drawn through each slot as appropriate to the job at hand.  Sharpening becomes not only effortless but with exacting results.  Just place the blade in the correct slot and slowly draw the blade through.  Diamond abrasives do the sharpening and do not disturb the delicate metals of any metal blade, so using these sharpeners is actually being good to your knives.  They come out sharpened and honed to perfection, no matter who is doing the sharpening.

What this means to the consumer is that knives, all knives, can become and remain razor sharp every day for a lifetime and beyond.

In practice, I can now sharpen my entire cutlery collection, from everyday kitchen knives, which includes Santoku-style utility knives, and specialty cutlery that is infrequently used, to steak knives all with one sharpener.  Easy and effortless is the theme because these amazing products deliver the goods, as I have become accustomed to for more than 20 years.

I just love to demonstrate the sharpness of my own knives to interested visitors.  I’ve often invited guests to bring their own knives so that I may show them how good they can be once they are sharpened in my Chef’s Choice sharpeners.  These demos usually evolve into my guests taking over after the first knife because it’s so easy and rewarding an experience.

With the new Model 1520, the first stage is for American and European angle knives.  Stage two is for those Japanese-style knives and any knife you may wish to convert to the narrower angle.  It can be used on both single-edged (such as knives for sushi and sashimi) and double-edged knives.  The third stage is the company’s honing wheel that cleans up and polishes the knife-edge to its long-lasting, precise finality.

I took the leap with one of my Santoku knives, converting it to the narrower 15º bevel.  It certainly feels different, sharper and capable of greater precision in the kitchen.  I am next going to try it with one of our long, thin slicing knives.

Go ahead and read more about the technology and the technicalities of this new tool if you wish.  However, what I like most of all is that anyone and everyone can be a star with this and the other Chef’s Choice sharpeners.  Success is nearly impossible to avoid.  Just read and follow the directions.  One need not know the ins and outs of how it does what it does.  The results will be the same – perfection.  How cool is that!

Additionally, this and the other Chef’s Choice electric sharpeners will last well beyond their three-year warranty period.  I know this to be true.  Our original Model 110, long since handed down for others to use, is still is regular use, still performing as when it was new.   ALL our other Chef’s Choice sharpeners here at Gadget Central are still operating as new, and some have seen much heavier duty use than what would normally be the case in the hands of the average consumer. This kind of quality is characteristic of the company and its heritage.  How refreshing it is to have such complete confidence is a company and its products!

I’ve tried other brands and types of sharpeners.  Each has left me longing to get back to my Chef’s Choice.  As one who trained diligently as a Cub Scout and Boy Scout in the art of fine, hand-sharpening of knives with stones, rods and strops, I am thrilled to do little of this any more.  I get better, longer-lasting results in no time at all with Chef’s Choice products.  Why would anyone do it another way, unless it is for tools and axes?

Before reacting negatively to the price of this implement, please think of it as the lifetime investment that it surely is.  It becomes a very small price to pay for the results that will be benefitted over so many years. This product will actually save money for the user.  Let us assume you understand and appreciate having sharp cutlery. I’ve found that once consumers experience the joy of sharp knives, they usually come to appreciate having them around.  In order to maintain sharp knives, one must either do this oneself or have the sharpening done professionally, at considerable expense.

It becomes impractical to spend many tens of dollars or more on a regular basis to maintain keen edges, so most consumers let their knives become duller and duller, eventually either replacing them in the case of cheap knives or having them periodically professionally sharpened in the case of finer quality products.  Either way, there is a downside of inconvenience and considerable added expense.  With the purchase of this or another Chef’s Choice electric sharpener, the user can easily and without added cost beyond the initial purchase keep ALL the knives in optimal readiness and with precise sharpness for more enjoyable meal prep and eating.

Before moving to other new Chef’s Choice sharpener news, please have a look at this new model.  If it’s not attractive to you for your needs, have a look at what I recommend for those with only American and European-beveled knives, the Chef’s Choice Model 120 along with a Model 470 Steel Pro or a Model 130.

Incidentally, among my favorite wedding gifts to give are Chef’s Choice sharpeners!  Always a hit!

Find this and other Chef’s Choice sharpening aids AND the other fine Chef’s Choice products online through this link to retailers.  Also, do your own web search using “chef’s choice” along with the model number of the product in which you have interest.

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