More than 30 years of accumulated knowledge, testing and evaluation is in The Mr. Gadget® Consumer Tech Guide – Volume One: Electronics, Gadgetry & Technology: The One and Only Mr. Gadget Reveals What to Buy and Why to Buy It! (Volume 1), now available from

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Yes, friends, I finally did it!  After many years of suggestions that I write a book on what I know in the wide area of consumer technology, this is VOLUME 1. Covering (take a deep breath) consumer electronics, travel tech, vacuum cleaners, TVs, phones, printers, hands-free phone technology, replacement batteries, portable power, windshield water repellant treatment, water bottles, computers, knives and at-home easy shaving-sharp sharpening, LED lightbulbs, housewares and more (take a breath now), this book is your guide to things you want to know but probably don’t, things that WILL save time and money.  It’s about products and technologies of lasting value, hands-on tested and evaluated, woven into stories.

That last point is critical.  As much as possible, the information is not going to become obsolete by the time it’s read and absorbed.  Lasting value is what it is all about, so the recommendations will hold for some time to come with a few exceptions.

I’ve tried to leave no stone unturned, as I hate reading about technology and products that leave me with more questions than are answered.  The style is decidedly informal and squarely directed at the reader in a personal way. The objective was to produce a tome that speaks to us non-geeks, the everyman and everywoman who want answers to questions the reader may not know to ask, but once stated, resonates as an “AHA!” moment.

I am certain readers will find this resource invaluable as they plumb the depths of topics and what to buy, and why.  I’ve done the work in many areas so readers don’t have to.

Please feel free to buy one or many, as the book also makes a wonderful any-occasion gift.  Purchaser/reader reviews posted about the book at will let others know what you think of the work.

Thank you for the encouragement and support that has culminated in the publishing of this volume, with others to follow.

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