Peek should be HOT this holiday season!  Inexpensive to buy and to operate, Peek is a thin, portable, pocket-sized gadget with QWERTY keyboard that provides unlimited email, text messaging, Tweeting, weather report checking and much more.

I’ve extolled the virtues of Peek devices, among my favorite gadgets, a few times since their introduction a little more than one year ago.  Since that time, Peek has morphed and matured as a platform and as a device with more capabilities, more and better monthly plans and more choices, all while still holding true to the founders’ core values – fun, less expensive than mobile phones for services, no contracts.

Before I get deep into costs, learn about just what Peek will do for you beyond what may be obvious.

What does your mobile phone service provider charge for unlimited monthly email and texting?  Is there a contract?  Compare those figures with Peek devices and services with their no-contracts business model.

The original Peek, now known as Peek Classic, costs just $20.  Peek Pronto, the one I now use, sells for only $60.  The differences are in available colors and certain performance and feature upgrades with Pronto over Classic.  Read details hereUnlimited monthly service is just $20, and remember, there are NO contracts!  In addition, there is a new lifetime service plan available.  This means that with one fee paid, service goes on for the life of that product.

Now, the newest specialty model has just been announced, Twitter Peek, and you can see that it is a Twitter-centric device perfect for “Tweeters” on the go.  available directly from the company or outside exclusively at Amazon, sells for $100 including six months of service or $199 with unlimited lifetime service.

Peek is so much more than just email, unlimited text and even Tweeting.  I can’t show you better than can the Peeksters so have a look, a good, long look at their Tips and Tricks page.

Please do the math and discover as I did that Peeking is more convenient and less expensive than messaging with your mobile carrier’s plan.  Plus, there is the bonus of the excellent keyboard on Peek that is not as convenient as on mobile phone.

More questions about all the services and functions are answered right here -> Get Peek!

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