Santa Maria Bar-B-Que Salt – yes, it’s a FOOD!  My favorite barbeque salt, introduced to me in the 1970s, is back and as good as I remember it.  It even looks exactly the same.

From Santa Maria, CA, the home of the famous Santa Maria-style Barbeque, this is the original recipe that is as delicious as it is unmistakable and distinctive. Use it on meat and chicken, eggs, salads, cottage cheese, in dips, mixed with butter and fresh garlic to make spectacular and scrumptious garlic bread and in many other ways.  I love this stuff, first introduced to me during business travel to Santa Maria in my former life as an employee of Pontiac Motor Division in 1977.  Click the link above to read about it. Buy it by the case because everyone will love it and you will be the hero for providing it as a different kind of gift.  Your gift recipient will thank you and think of you every time this unique blend is used.  Mmmmmm, that’s great eatin’!  NOT in stores.  Buy it once and I know you will re-order.

There are other “Santa Maria Style” seasonings, but this is THE best and original, as far as I am concerned.  It is definitely worth the investment to give it a try.  If you’ve ever had Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, you are already familiar with the concept of unique seasoned salts. Step up to Santa Maria Bar-B-Que Salt which takes the concept to the next level.

Learn more about this uniquely California barbecue style and places to eat through the links that follow. NOT included is my favorite place for this style of cuisine, perhaps because it is not in Santa Maria, but a few miles up the road a piece in the tiny town of Nipomo.  There, you will find Jocko’s, an old-style eatery where I like to say most customers still have their own teeth.  Jocko’s features the finest steaks I’ve had s and among the tackiest ambience, but I don’t care at all.  If you love your ribeye or filet like I do, just finished mooing, that is, plenty rare, you cannot, will not find a finer taste at a more reasonable price for true Santa Maria-style barbecue.  But go early as the lines are long. It is worth the three to four hour drive for me to visit in time for dinner at about 5PM. This is a favorite Father’s Day treat.

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