I love this new Samsung VM-A680 phone!  It’s small, lightweight, has long battery life, is easy and intuitive to use, is loaded with features (like pictures, video, yes video, can play cool games, has Internet access, and it’s just a great phone).

First, though, my usual, caveat:  As wonderful as this phone is, or any phone for that matter, it’s only as good as its performance on, in this case, the Sprint network, for the user.  If Sprint works in your area of use, then it’s a good choice.  For me and in my travels here is the US, it works great in all the cities I normally visit.


Now, as for the phone, well, I have lots to choose from that I get to test.  I grab this one to have in my pocket even when testing others.  Why?  Because this one is fun to use and reliable.  I just like using it.

Yeah, it’s capable of cool ringtones (32 polyphonic sounds) just like many others out there today.  But this one is the smallest I have seen with the video capability.  I can take small, 15-second, low-quality, but still usable videos and send them to another Sprint phone as a message or to anyone as email.  I’ve done it and it’s fun!  Imagine how much fun YOU could have!  With a self-timer, digital zoom, brightness and resolution controls and a built-in video light, it works just great. Click below to see a movie I made sitting here in my office. I sent it to myself as email, downloaded it to my Mac (could have been a Windows PC, too) and inserted it into this article.

Samsung VM-A680 video sample

The color display is great, too, with 65,000-color capability.  Playing java-enabled games is a great pastime while kicking back any time I want a break from reality, at home or on the road.  I’ve even played online games against others using this phone.  The outside display is also fun and useful.  I have mine set to show me a full-face analog clock, one of the built-in settings.  I could just as easily have used a photo of any kind from the phone, such as one of my great kids.

This phone also features the latest in speaker-independent voice-recognition technology.  Without any training, I can dial by speaking the number or by an individual’s name from the phone book in the phone.  In addition, hands-free, I can launch multiple features just by speaking commands into the phone.  Think it and do it – launch the browser, the video camera or whatever you want, all by voice, and it works!

For heavy-duty users, there is an optional, extended use Li-Ion battery available, too.

All things considered, this in one fun and functional phone that is highly recommended! The retail price is $310, but look for deals from Sprint.  For example, I just checked and found it for $160 online at sprintpcs.com.

For more information, visit samsungusa.com and click the link to their mobile phones area.  Buy it wherever Sprint wireless phones are sold.

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