Samsung Jet 90 Cordless Vacuum is a complete kit for hard floors and carpeted surfaces.

Flexible storage options include a free-standing charging stand that can also be fitted to the wall with a small hook that connects the stand to the wall. Drilling two small holes is required.

Having experienced at least a dozen cordless vacuums, I always look forward to the next one. Over time, many designs have come ever closer to the target competitor, Dyson. This Samsung is about as close as I have seen. More on this coming up.


For experienced cordless vac users, this is an easily assembled model. Those new to the concept may take a little longer. Fortunately, a comprehensive manual is included. I chose to set up mine on its floor mount, at least for now. If I find a wall location that suits me, I will not hesitate to drill and mount on the wall.

Kudos for its ability to charge a pair of batteries simultaneously, though it comes with only one battery.

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Using the Samsung Jet 90 as a six-pound assembled “stick vac” for floors or de-couple the pipe and floor care accessories, attach the extension crevice tool or the combination tool with brush for hand-held jobs. As a handheld, the bare unit weighs in at one pound 10 ounces, which squares with others in its class as not too heavy to maneuver or to promote hand fatigue.

A mini-motorized tool should do well on bedding, upholstery and in vehicles as well as on stairs. The easy-empty bin is large enough without being burdensome and adding to the heft. This is among few others with reusable, washable filters, again, mimicking Dyson in the best possible way. This benefit and competitive advantage cannot be overstated and has been my main beef with wannabe Dyson imitators. Their filters quickly clog and require brushing after each use. And the others have a paper-based replaceable filter. Thankfully, this Samsung hits all the right notes with a washable permanent filter that does not require maintenance after each use and should not need to be replaced under normal use.

The dust filter is said to capture 99.999% of dust and dirt.

Its four-click height adjustable pipe will be useful to tall as well as “height challenged” users. Be sure to collapse the pipe when securing the assembled vacuum on its stand.

Brush assemblies on both the Soft Action Brush and motorized Turbo Action Brush are easily removed without tools. None of the brush heads provide illumination.

Should the Mini Motorized Tool’s brush require removal for cleaning, four screws must be extracted.

The Extension Crevice Tool has positive snaps at each level of its extension to hold the desired setting. Others I have tested have had extensions that all too easily collapse. The Combination Tool’s retractable brush has a similar positive snap-to position, so it ought to stay in its set position. The Flexible Tool is a handy piece with five adjustments allowing rotation from straight to what appears to be about 300º, handy for hard-to-reach places when connected to the Combination Tool or Extension Crevice Tool.

Storage for the Combination Tool and Extension Crevice Tool is provided by snap-to-hold spots on the charging stand.

The 0.8 liter dustbin is easily removed and emptied. Disassembly is equally easy. There is an ultra-fine dust filter in a collar above the bin that comes off with a partial twist after the dust bin is removed. The bin, cyclone assembly inside the bin, the micro filter and the ultra-fine dust filter are all washable under gentle water pressure. I like this!

Be sure that all of these washable parts are completely dry before reassembly and installation back on the vacuum body. I do not recommend anything but air drying.

And now, it’s time to  . . .


Yes, it is powerful with a 200 Air Watts rating. I cannot quantify if it is more powerful than others I have tested. What I can tell you is that I have no complaints. With three power levels of Min, Mid and Max, battery per-charge battery life is stated at up to 60 minutes on Min, 40 minutes at Mid and 10 minutes on the Max setting. My experience bears out these specs.

I always begin cleaning with the Min setting. Loose dirt is easily sucked up and into the bin. On hard surfaces, Min is all that will likely be required. Experience will determine the need for and benefit of the Max setting. In my experience, the Max setting did not extract significantly more dirt from carpets or rugs than on the Mid setting. Your experience may be different.

The Soft Action brush has become my go-to. I have successfully used the Turbo Action brush on carpeting.

The assembly easily articulates to nearly flat to easily reach under many objects here at Gadget Central.

Display icons will illuminate to indicate if there is a clog and if the spinning brush becomes stuck. In this circumstance, clear the clog, restart and resume cleaning. If it is a simple matter of the spinning brush encountering resistance, it will sense this and automatically stop spinning. When this has happened to me, I have picked up the Jet 90, visually inspected to assure there is no clog and restarted. The spinning brush spins again after sensing the resistance is gone. Star Trek fans are aware that resistance is futile! Smart, very smart.

On a full charge at the Min setting, I was able to finish cleaning downstairs with power to spare. As a test, I switched to the Turbo Action brush on hard floors. There was no appreciable increase to the dirt recovered.Noise levels are less than what I would have expected from such a powerful vacuum.

Samsung recently introduced an Auto-Empty Dustbin accessory, priced from $99 in white. Not personally tested, but I have every confidence that it is worth the cost for consumers who would rather empty in this way than dumping over a trash bin.


Samsung Jet 90 Premium Cordless Vacuum is an able performer, currently priced at about $487.  This one is a keeper!


Samsung Jet 90 Cordless Vacuum is covered by a one-year parts and labor warranty. The Digital Inverter Motor part (part only) is covered for 10 years.

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